Diet Shock

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

Prevent Diet Shock...then you can finally lose weight and keep it off.

Diet Basics releases a revolutionary new system that makes your diet work. The new system complements your current weight loss program and helps it to prevent diet shock and ultimately, weight regain.

Diet Shock Definition

Diet Shock describes a state of emergency energy conservation your body enters when faced with fewer calories and weight loss. In an energy conservation state, your body will counteract your own efforts to lose weight to protect against starvation.

Starvation? Yes, all diets lead to weight loss by loweringrepparttar amount of food you eat. When you eat fewer calories your own body interprets this as a potential food shortage and it responds by conserving energy, so that you can surviverepparttar 150397 famine.

It takes time forrepparttar 150398 body's efforts to show. Usually, byrepparttar 150399 time you stop dieting,repparttar 150400 stage is set for weight regain,repparttar 150401 gaining of weight during or immediately after dieting.

Diet Shock, initiated by dieting to lose weight, results in weight regain for about 67% of first time dieters. Bottom line...dieting causes weight gain, specifically weight regain! But it gets worse...

New Weight Loss Solution--How to Make Your Diet Work

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

Statistically, two out of three dieters (roughly 68%) experience weight regain, which is gaining weight immediately after stopping a diet (in some cases during dieting). Weight regain posses a significant health risk to dieters because it initiates weight cycling, orrepparttar Yo-Yo Diet.

Why is this bad? Weight cycling has now been shown to decrease life expectancy rates and increase mortality associated with cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. For you, this means you must lose weight without gaining it back and avoidrepparttar 150396 dangerous cycle ofrepparttar 150397 Yo-Yo Diet.

How do you diet to lose weight and not gain weight back? It's not easy but I will share with you a few steps from my own research to help make it possible.

Diet Shock to Weight Regain

A quick review is in order before sharing with yourepparttar 150398 steps involved to prevent weight regain. Diet shock isrepparttar 150399 body's reaction to eating fewer calories and losing weight.

Unfortunately, diets onrepparttar 150400 market today employrepparttar 150401 exact method of weight loss that causes diet shock...severe calorie restriction producing extreme weight loss inrepparttar 150402 shortest time possible (aka, fast weight loss). This type of dieting method will eventually cause weight regain.

Why dorepparttar 150403 current dieting plans promote a weight loss method destined to fail? It's what you want. Fast and extreme weight loss is what sells. Slow and low weight loss (the method I designed several years ago for my overweight patients) does not satisfyrepparttar 150404 immediate gratification mentality of our society. In a nut shell, slow and low weight loss doesn't sell.

Once in diet shock, your body initiates a series of reactions that ultimately slow down your metabolic rate. From there, weight regain is just aroundrepparttar 150405 corner.

Remember, weight regain is not good for two reasons...

1. Leads torepparttar 150406 Yo-Yo Diet, which has now been shown to be as much of a health risk as obesity.

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