Diet Red Flags

Written by Michael Lewis

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-------------------------- Diet Red Flags


------------ Diet Red Flags

Diet Red Flags

------------ The cabbage diet! The rice diet! The blood type diet! Atkins! South Beach! No carb! Low carb! Which isrepparttar 143381 right diet?

People who want to lose weight are a very vulnerable group because they're very frustrated. Weight loss is hard, and everybody is looking for a silver bullet. They need to understand thatrepparttar 143382 "silver bullet" does not exist.

But how can you discern which weight loss claims are true or false? Here's some advice fromrepparttar 143383 Federal Trade Commission:

Doesrepparttar 143384 diet promote rapid weight loss?


That's a clear signal it's unrealistic. When you start a diet, water weight isrepparttar 143385 first to go. If you lose much more than two pounds a week, you are drawing from both fat and muscle mass. That is not good, because muscle is a big factor that controls your metabolism. If you lose muscle mass, your metabolism will slow down. That is howrepparttar 143386 "roller coaster diet cycle" begins, and that is one reason why some diets just don't work.

The FDA recommends losing weight slowly and gradually, so you are losing one to two pounds per week. You need to tap into stored fat more efficiently, instead of burning water and muscle.

Doesrepparttar 143387 weight loss program involve eating just one food, or eliminating whole food groups?

-------------------------------------------------- If so then you are setting yourself up to fail. No one can stick to a diet that is constrictive. Most people who are overweight got that way from overeating. Constricting someone who has overeaten for years will rarely work.

Now, most people can do something short term, but there will be a time whenrepparttar 143388 mind can't do it anymore and your body's cravings will overtake your will-power. That is when binge eating occurs and often allrepparttar 143389 progress that was made is erased.

Doesrepparttar 143390 program help you change long-term eating habits?

------------ If not, you will just get caught up in a never-ending lose-gain cycle, also known as "roller coaster" or "yo-yo" dieting.

Most diets are short-term fixes for a long-term problem. People who get slim and stay that way have changed their eating habits and attitudes toward food.

The Seven Secrets of Weight Loss

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

When embarking on a weight loss program people will almost always focus on just one or two ofrepparttar seven necessary components needed to achieve their goal. In order to maximize ones weight loss results they must combine all seven components. I like to call these componentsrepparttar 143348 “Seven Secrets of Weight Loss” do torepparttar 143349 fact that they are almost never explained in simplistic terms torepparttar 143350 average person making them somewhat of a secret. Below you will find a brief description ofrepparttar 143351 seven secrets that will help you achieve maximum weight loss.

Each ofrepparttar 143352 seven secrets representsrepparttar 143353 seven necessary components needed to achieve maximum weight loss.

Secret #1 (Proper Mind Set) A proper mind set is an essential part of any successful weight loss program. You must first ask yourself why losing this weight is important to you. Write it down so you can read it aloud to yourself every day. Make a commitment to yourself to follow through with what you start. Create a schedule for your meals and workouts. By scheduling something it will become reality. Without a proper mind set, a true commitment to succeed, and plan of action it will be very unlikely that you will reach your goal.

Secret #2 (Caloric Intake) A decrease in caloric intake and an increase in daily activity will create a natural caloric deficit which isrepparttar 143354 foundation of all weight loss. Reducing your calories can be achieved by eating smaller portions, increasingrepparttar 143355 quality of your foods and eating small meals about every three hours to regulate blood sugar. The regulation of blood sugar levels will keep you from getting hungry and making poor food choices. Protein portion sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143356 size of your palm. Carbohydrate portion sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143357 size of your clinched fist. Vegetable portions sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143358 size of a small handful. Combine a protein with a carbohydrate to make a small meal. Add a serving a vegetables to two of your meals. In addition it is recommended that you have an Omega 3 fatty acid food source with one meal per day. (See food quality for Omega 3 sources)

Secret #3 (Food Quality) Quality food choices are usually low in calories and loaded with a variety of vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, and fiber which arerepparttar 143359 building blocks of a healthy lean body. Some quality foods choices include lean proteins (egg whites, chicken/turkey breast, fish, etc.), quality complex carbohydrates (sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, bran cereal, etc.), vegetables (broccoli, green beans, asparagus, spinach, etc.) and Omega 3 fatty acid sources (flax seed oil, canola oil, salmon, tuna, walnuts, etc.).

Secret #4 (Water Consumption) Consume at least 8-12 glasses of water throughoutrepparttar 143360 day or a ˝ ounce of water per pound of body weight. Water isrepparttar 143361 most important nutrient inrepparttar 143362 human body and has many benefits involving weight loss. Proper hydration will increaserepparttar 143363 amount of oxygen inrepparttar 143364 bloodstream which in return will increaserepparttar 143365 body’s fat burning ability and overall energy output.

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