Diet And Detox

Written by Namita Nayyar

Today we live at a pace that would have seemed unbelievable and indeed impossible to our grandparents.

Withrepparttar increasing demand of jobs, long travel, odd working hours, bringing up children and hectic social lives. We tend to become tired and rundown.

Besides our bodies are under constant assault from pollutions, stress, bad posture, sedentary jobs and own bad eating habits.

Over a period of time, these effects build up and emerge in many different forms-everything from passing infections, skin eruptions, headaches & digestive problems to serious conditions, such as ulcers, cancers and heart disease.

The more we overload over body,repparttar 131105 more it sinks underrepparttar 131106 strain. When we begin, detoxification-we give our bodiesrepparttar 131107 chance to repair and cleanse and restore a more balance state torepparttar 131108 entire system.

Detoxification shows up in number of ways. Besides achieving a healthy weight, you can expect to have a clearer skin, healthy looking hair, strong nails and more energy. Detox also has a very calming effect onrepparttar 131109 mind, particularly if it is combined with meditation. Above all this, it puts you onrepparttar 131110 right course of long term health.


Our bodies are completely complex organisms in a state of constant growth and renewal on cellular level. When we pour toxins into our bodies, it treats these as a matter of urgency and works on processing them to render them harmless. This leavesrepparttar 131111 body with less energy for everyday processes of cleaning, healing and renewal. With increasing demands over a period of time,repparttar 131112 body is unable to keep uprepparttar 131113 pace andrepparttar 131114 strain begins to show onrepparttar 131115 overworked liver and kidneys, leading to slowing down of body's performance.

When we detox, two thing happen. First, we stop overloadingrepparttar 131116 body with harmful substances and secondly, we give it plenty ofrepparttar 131117 right nutrients to actually speed uprepparttar 131118 elimination of old toxins and promote cell renewal.

As you rejuvenaterepparttar 131119 cells, become healthier and you look and feel younger!


The World Health Organisation (WHO) had clearly stated that Vitamin A, C & E are vital for health. These vitamins, together with mineral selenium are known as antioxidants.

They can protect us not only against minor infections but also serious degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, as well as conditions that come with premature ageing. They work by acting as scavengers for free radicals.

Blessings In A Mother's Tears

Written by Monique Rider

As a mother, my intuition told me that something just wasn’t right. Most doctors blew off my concerns about my daughter, Deborah. They saidrepparttar behavior problems were just “terrible twos” or “extra family stress” from my divorce. I knew fromrepparttar 131103 time of my pregnancy that something was different. Evenrepparttar 131104 labor and delivery was unusual. Byrepparttar 131105 age of two Deborah was displaying explosive behavior, head banging, screaming duringrepparttar 131106 night and kicking walls. Her first psychiatric evaluation was atrepparttar 131107 age of 2 ½ and came back “normal”.

As Deborah got olderrepparttar 131108 behavior continued but was somewhat manageable, with very creative parenting techniques and close monitoring. By third grade she was diagnosed with ADHD and medicated. This helped somewhat but I still sensed that something wasn’t right. A second opinion showed four additional diagnoses of OCD, ODD, depression and anxiety. Additional medication was helpful forrepparttar 131109 behavior but there were always side effects. School was becoming a challenge. Grades were inconsistent and Deborah continued to show no interest. Things seemed to hold steady for a few years.

Then, August 2000,repparttar 131110 situation took a turn forrepparttar 131111 worst. Deborah, then 14 years old, was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Also known as manic depression, this mental illness is characterized by drastic mood swings. The bipolar, along withrepparttar 131112 other disorders completely changed my daughter into someone that, at times, I hardly knew. When we were first told ofrepparttar 131113 diagnosis, I was somewhat relieved that there was a reason forrepparttar 131114 extreme and bizarre behavior we were witnessing. However, my life became an emotional rollercoster.

As a mother, I immediately felt that if I tried hard enough I could “save” my daughter from this awful illness. I figured that if I tried hard enough I could “fix” everything so that her life would be “normal” and she wouldn’t have to suffer. Most of what I was doing had been very good for myself andrepparttar 131115 rest of my family. However, Deborah was in denial and wouldn’t accept any ofrepparttar 131116 help that I offered her. That wasrepparttar 131117 painful part because as a mother, I wanted to reach out and protect her.

I began a crusade of educating myself, joining parent advocacy groups, going to conferences, reading books, collecting information, networking with other parents, networking withrepparttar 131118 school, and going to counseling. I immediately went on Family Medical Leave from work and began working a reduced schedule so that I could closely monitor Deborah until she was stabilized. I still feel that all of these things were very positive. However, I tried to push all of this on my daughter and expected her to react positively to my assistance. She didn’t, she felt controlled and smothered and lashed out even more. This was so painful for me because I wanted so desperately to protect her. I slowly realized that Deborah must want to be helped – nothing could be pushed on her.

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