Did You Know That Herbs And Spices Can Greatly Help Your Weight Loss

Written by Marie Gordon

I wonder how much it is generally known thatrepparttar benefits of using herbs and spices can speed up your weight loss efforts, by quite a considerable amount actually.

We all know that herbs and spices are used with cooking to varying degrees, and of courserepparttar 147308 primary reason for doing so is to make food much more tasty and interesting.

I suspect however that you might be surprised atrepparttar 147309 considerable health benefits that can also be gained by using them. In saying this I am referring to those everyday items that can be found in most larders, and not necessarily those exotic and probably not so well known varieties.

I happened to discoverrepparttar 147310 many benefits of herbs and spices andrepparttar 147311 fact that they can be most beneficial to a weight loss program, when I was doing extremely detailed research for my latest book. The results of that research were so extensive, that it could berepparttar 147312 basis in itself for a complete publication, and much more detailed therefore, than I could possibly include in this short article.

However I have been able to include a fair amount of information below about various herbs and spices which are known to particularly help to speed up weight loss, and that is also in addition to their excellent overall health benefits byrepparttar 147313 way.

You should find that you will be able to purchase these herbs from any good Herbalist supplier.

Garcinia: (Garcinia cambogia) is a herb which is sold primarily for enhancing weight loss and boostingrepparttar 147314 amount of lean muscle. This is also known as hila or brindell berry.

One ofrepparttar 147315 major benfits of Garcinia is that it acts as an appetite suppressant and stopsrepparttar 147316 body from storing fat.

Pysillium: (Plantago spp.) This cheeky little herb has quite a few health benefits. Physillium is known to help lower cholesterol, and another major benefit is that it also helps to prevent constipation.

If you use it as part of your weight loss program, it can help you to eat less calories and yet still feel really full.

This is because ofrepparttar 147317 amount of fiber that it contains.

I mentioned earlier that it does help in preventing constipation, but in order to achieve this you should make sure that you drink plenty of water.

Siberian Gingsing: (Eleutherococcus senticosus) If you are going to start regular exercise as part of your health and weight loss routine, which is normally to be highly recommended, then this is a really useful herb.

It can help your body adapt torepparttar 147318 stress of unaccustomed changes, and it will help to make you feel less tired even when you are doing simple exercises like walking for example.

So in turn therefore you are more likely to stick to your exercise routine.

Weight Loss Plateaus -- 7 Easy Steps to Overcome It

Written by Tracy Lee

Have you ever experienced this scenario before?

"I have successfully lost 15 ofrepparttar 25 pounds that I want to lose, but now I am stuck atrepparttar 147167 same weight even though I am faithfully controlling my food intake and doing my exercises. What happened? Isrepparttar 147168 diet not working anymore?"

Yes, many women over 40 start off their weight loss programs full of excitement and determination, and indeed you do seerepparttar 147169 pounds dropping off overrepparttar 147170 first few weeks.

That's great, of course.

However,repparttar 147171 next thing you know is that your progress has come to a dead stop...

...and you have just hitrepparttar 147172 dreaded weight loss "plateau."

But don't despair -- you are _not_repparttar 147173 only one experiencing this.

Hitting a plateau is a common experience for most women over 40 on a weight loss program.

And it can be one ofrepparttar 147174 most de-motivating things to happen.

Thankfully, overcoming it is easy... IF you knowrepparttar 147175 simple steps you can take.

Today, I'm going to show you some very simple and specific steps you can take to overcome your plateaus:

1. Be careful ofrepparttar 147176 little things: It's easy to lapse into complacency over time, so I suggest that you keep a food diary. Writing down what you eat each day can help you to spot those times when you might be taking in more food than you realize. A little snack here and there can (and will) add up to a lot of extra calories.

2. It may not berepparttar 147177 food: Sometimes, it's notrepparttar 147178 food per se that isrepparttar 147179 cause ofrepparttar 147180 plateau. For example, work or family stress may berepparttar 147181 culprit instead. Stress can cause you to want to go dig into that tub of chocolate ice cream. If you are feeling stressed, it's important to acknowledge it right now, and go find some other forms of relief other than reaching out for more (typically unhealthy) food. Go take a walk, listen to music or play with your dog instead!

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