Did Jesus Go To Hell?

Written by Stephen Kingery

Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine ask merepparttar question, "Did Jesus go to hell after He died onrepparttar 140697 cross?" To be honest about it, this question caught me a little off guard. In further discussion, I learned that my friend had been taught that duringrepparttar 140698 three days that Jesus' body was inrepparttar 140699 tomb, His spirit was in hell "paying for our sins." I told him that this was not my understanding of what actually took place during that three-day period, but I would researchrepparttar 140700 question and get back to him. This article is in response to my friend's question.

In my research of this topic, I discovered to my dismay that this doctrine is rather wide-spread inrepparttar 140701 teaching of it. Many television evangelists who followrepparttar 140702 Faith doctrine teach this concept. The Faith doctrine primarily contends that you can have anything you desire -- if your faith is strong enough. To begin, let's examine in a little more detail exactly what this doctrine is all about.

Those who followrepparttar 140703 Faith doctrine believe and teach that Jesus, while still hanging onrepparttar 140704 cross, was changed form divine to demonic. In other words, He became like Satan or at least one of Satan's followers (a demon). He had allrepparttar 140705 characteristics of Satan andrepparttar 140706 demons. This supposedly happened because Jesus "became sin" so you and I could be forgiven of our sins. To put it another way, Jesus not only died physically, but He also died spiritually.

Continuing with this line of thinking, Jesus, or more specifically His demonic spirit, then went to hell to payrepparttar 140707 price for our sins. While there, Jesus was tortured inrepparttar 140708 most hideous fashion by Satan and his followers. They literally torturedrepparttar 140709 life (spiritual life) out ofrepparttar 140710 demonic Jesus. His spiritual body lay limp and lifeless inrepparttar 140711 very heart of hell. Satan thought he had won.

However, asrepparttar 140712 Faith doctrine goes, God -through His faith-filled words - began to bring Jesus back to life. His spiritual body began to fill-out with a newness of life even more powerful than ever before. When this process was complete, Jesus had been re-born in hell and was once againrepparttar 140713 Son of God, a divine being. His divine spirit then re-inhabited His physical body and was resurrected.

What is your first reaction torepparttar 140714 above account? Have you ever heard it before? If your first reaction was, "YES! Victory over Satan," then please STOP and readrepparttar 140715 account again before going any further with this article. Think about what this doctrine teaches.

I hope and pray that your reaction is now one of repulsion and anger. How could anyone who loves God, His Son, andrepparttar 140716 Holy Spirit ever conceive of such a ridiculous doctrine. Let's take a look at whatrepparttar 140717 Bible teaches in respect to this.

In order forrepparttar 140718 false teachers ofrepparttar 140719 Faith doctrine to concoct such a fable as this, various Scriptures must be twisted and distorted to their way of thinking. First, let's take a look at possiblyrepparttar 140720 only verse that could even begin to be taken in such as way as to confirm this doctrine: "For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might becomerepparttar 140721 righteousness of God in Him." (2 Corinthians 5:21) If you look closely, this verse does say "to be sin for us." The question is, does this verse mean literally that Jesus became sin? To answer this, let's consider two points:repparttar 140722 practically of it and respected Bible scholars.

To begin with, sin is an abstract not a tangible object. Sin isrepparttar 140723 failure to obeyrepparttar 140724 commands of God. It is an action or in some cases an inaction. It is what we do, not what we are. A person cannot "be sin," but rather can only act sinfully. A person can sin; be a sinner; be despicable, terrible, abhorrent, ungodly, unrighteous, and allrepparttar 140725 rest. But he cannot "be sin." The Bible teaches us to haterepparttar 140726 sin but loverepparttar 140727 sinner. Ifrepparttar 140728 person was sin we would have to hate him too. Therefore, Jesus could not have been sin for us. This Scripture then must, of necessity, mean something other thanrepparttar 140729 literal meaning as it relates torepparttar 140730 phrase "to be sin."

So me must rely on respected, trusted Bible scholars to assist is inrepparttar 140731 interpretation of this Scripture. These scholars agree thatrepparttar 140732 phrase "to be sin" means "bearingrepparttar 140733 penalty of our sins." In other words, Jesus did not become sin but rather becamerepparttar 140734 person who sufferedrepparttar 140735 penalty forrepparttar 140736 sin which we and countless millions of others throughoutrepparttar 140737 ages have committed. Not only dorepparttar 140738 respected scholars of our time agree on this point, butrepparttar 140739 Scriptures also agree. In many places inrepparttar 140740 Old and New Testament Jesus is portrayed asrepparttar 140741 sacrificial lamb,repparttar 140742 person who borerepparttar 140743 punishment for our sins.

Putting that issue to rest, doesrepparttar 140744 remainder of Scripture support or rejectrepparttar 140745 idea of Jesus becoming sin, going to hell, becoming a demon, etc. We will consider just a few ofrepparttar 140746 many Scriptures which refute this abhorrent teaching.

Are You Serious About Being A Christian?

Written by Stephen Kingery

Are you serious about BEING a Christian? Sometimes I see people who profess to being Christian but I don't see Christian fruit developing in their lives. I know thatrepparttar Bible teaches us that we are not to judge others, and I certainly don't mean it in that respect. However,repparttar 140696 Bible also teaches us that if we are a Christian, if we haverepparttar 140697 indwelling ofrepparttar 140698 Holy Spirit within us, then specific fruits (fruits ofrepparttar 140699 Spirit) will be evident in our lives. (See Galatians 5:22 and Ephesians 5:9) If we don't seerepparttar 140700 evidence of these fruits, then we wonder ifrepparttar 140701 person is serious about his/her Christian walk.

I would like to share with you four Scriptures which I feel will help you and I to be more serious about being a Christian. There are many lessons which can be drawn from these four Scriptures. It is my prayer that this lesson will give you strength to carry on in your daily Christian walk.

"And if it seems evil to you to serverepparttar 140702 Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whetherrepparttar 140703 gods which your fathers served that were onrepparttar 140704 other side ofrepparttar 140705 River, orrepparttar 140706 gods ofrepparttar 140707 Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serverepparttar 140708 Lord." (Joshua 24:15) This is one of my favorite verses because I feel that Christians have to choose daily whom they will serve. The real meat ofrepparttar 140709 verse is, "choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. . . But as for me and my house, we will serverepparttar 140710 Lord." The society in which we live has so many areas that try to keep us from servingrepparttar 140711 Lord. Forrepparttar 140712 Christian today, all too often it is a daily choice as to whom we will serve.

I am not speaking of salvation here. Hopefully for you that has already been taken care of. I am speaking of serving God. So what does that mean? It means giving 100% of your life to Christ and let Him control it. It means not letting your job, money, friends, family, pleasure seeking, social status, etc. get inrepparttar 140713 way of your serving God. It means forsaking any and all of those things mentioned above if it interferes with your relationship with God. It means letting Christian ideals guide your relationships with your boss, family, friends, business dealings, etc. And it means that when we are confronted with a decision, our first reaction is asking ourselves (or fellow Christians) "What would Jesus have me do in this situation?"

Serving God is really having Him inrepparttar 140714 forefront of our minds at all times. Always being conscience of our thoughts, words and actions to make certain that they are consistent withrepparttar 140715 teachings of Christ andrepparttar 140716 New Testament writers. It is doingrepparttar 140717 Christian thing, even if it hurts! It is striving to be like Christ in every aspect of our lives.

After we have committed our lives to Christ and strive to really serve Him, what next. Jesus tells us inrepparttar 140718 book of Matthew, "But seek firstrepparttar 140719 kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:33)

How can we serve God without seeking Him? It is really impossible to serve Him without seeking Him. So, if you are trying to "serve" Him and not "seek" Him you will fail. The very act of serving Him means you must seek Him.

How do we seek God? First, we must throw offrepparttar 140720 phoniness of playing Christian. Making an appearance at church once a week is not seeking God. It is much, much more than that. Seeking God means that we have a very active Bible Study program. Not just attending Sunday School and going throughrepparttar 140721 lesson. Having a plan to studyingrepparttar 140722 Bible. Seeking out good quality Bible study aids and literature to help us in our study. Develop a plan to read throughrepparttar 140723 Bible in a year. But even then you are not through. Study various topics, events, eras, books, miracles, prophecies, etc. No matter how old one gets, they should never stop studyingrepparttar 140724 Bible.

We must also seek God through a daily prayer time. Pick a particular time ofrepparttar 140725 day in which you can be alone with God. Tell Him in an honest straightforward manner your prayer concerns, what your worried about, troubles you may be having, people you want to pray for, and so forth. And don't forget to praise God in your prayers. Tell Him how much you love Him. Thank Him for allrepparttar 140726 blessings you have received and forrepparttar 140727 answered prayers. Praise Him and glorify Him in your prayers.

We need to be faithful to worship services. Not just when you feel like attending. We should have an attitude that we will be in worship service unless it is practically impossible to be there. Unless you have a serious illness that should be about 95% ofrepparttar 140728 time. And in conjunction with that we should be faithful torepparttar 140729 Lord's Supper each Lord's Day.

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