Did He Really Behave Himself At This Year's Office Christmas Party?

Written by Debbie Jenkins

"Did He Really Behave Himself At This Year's Office Christmas Party? 6 Tips To Spot If Your Man Is A Saint Or A Sinner"

Author and persuasion coach, Tony Walker has been striking fear intorepparttar hearts of liars and cheats this Christmas withrepparttar 132262 release of his "Human Lie Detector" book entitled, Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

We are said to be lied to, on average, every ten minutes.

For most of us we even lie to our children. How many of us pretend Santa Claus is real in order to convince our kids to behave themselves all year?

Sadly, one ofrepparttar 132263 biggest reasons those close to us may lie is to conceal infidelity. And withrepparttar 132264 alcohol-fueled, mistletoe entangled festive season now rampant, there are many more opportunities forrepparttar 132265 man in your life to stray fromrepparttar 132266 path of fidelity than at any other time of year.

Often,repparttar 132267 lies that follow one drunken moment of stupidity can be more damaging to a relationship thanrepparttar 132268 act itself.

Just as damaging though is constantly accusing someone of something they didn't do.

As well as allrepparttar 132269 good stuff though, it's well known that Christmas is also a time that sees more breakups, fights and arguments than any other.

So, if you don't want to be left wondering this year, here are 6 quick tips for calming your worries or confirming your suspicion.

1. AVOID CONFRONTATION If you suspect you are being lied to then should you confrontrepparttar 132270 liar immediately? I would generally suggest not. Oftenrepparttar 132271 best approach is to noterepparttar 132272 fact in your mind and continue withrepparttar 132273 conversation, with a view to extracting more information.

This will tend to confirm or deny your suspicions without causing an awkward scene if your hunch proves false. Once you confront someone who has lied to you (or not)repparttar 132274 tone ofrepparttar 132275 conversation can change and gathering additional facts becomes almost impossible.

2. LOOK THEM IN THE EYES A person who is lying to you may do everything possible to avoid making eye contact. Others may make exaggerated and over prolonged eye contact in an effort to convince you of their sincerity.

3. LITTLE MOVEMENTS Hands may go up torepparttar 132276 face or throat, especially torepparttar 132277 mouth. But contact withrepparttar 132278 body is limited to these areas. The liar may also be unlikely to touchrepparttar 132279 chest with an open hand gesture. The liar may also touchrepparttar 132280 nose or scratch behindrepparttar 132281 ear. If he is trying to appear casual and relaxed about his answer, he may shrug a little as he talks.

Countdown 2 Armegeddon

Written by Gary Whittaker

'Tisrepparttar season to be jolly! Why? Simple. King George II, owing his re-election in large part torepparttar 132259 American Christian Right Wing, will certainly not defoulrepparttar 132260 regions surroundingrepparttar 132261 holy land by launching any more full-scale attacks, in this, a time of celebration forrepparttar 132262 birth of baby Jesus. While "peace to all, and goodwill towards man" is a little too much to ask for right now, we can expect that no major military offensives will be planned until at least January 30th. That isrepparttar 132263 day whenrepparttar 132264 people of Iraq will haverepparttar 132265 privilege of choosing which of their leaders will haverepparttar 132266 honor of bending over for american business interests before falling over after having been assasinated. Make no mistake about it. No good will come of Iraq's first election. The Iraqi's have long since stopped seeingrepparttar 132267 Americans as liberators. Too many stories of shootings on sacred ground, refusal of medical care forrepparttar 132268 wounded, and of course, unlawful confinement (ex: Guantanamo Bay). The Americans have long outstayed their welcome on Iraqi soil. Reading betweenrepparttar 132269 lines in Bush's latest address (CNN Article), he is clearly setting up his military strategy for 2005. Warning Syria and Iran to stay out of Iraq, would be like telling a child not to look for their presents, but showing them where you hid it. Both countries are now openly supportingrepparttar 132270 various revolutionary parties in Iraq, so a collision course is inevitable. I can only imaginerepparttar 132271 Iranians, who had to live with a decade of war with Iraq who were sponsored atrepparttar 132272 time byrepparttar 132273 Americans. They finally have a chance to strike back at their real enemy! This, my friends, is only one example of American foreign policy that will eventually lead torepparttar 132274 demise ofrepparttar 132275 American Empire. Sooner or later, all cultures fade away, andrepparttar 132276 Americans will be undone by their blatant disregard for others. Live byrepparttar 132277 sword, die byrepparttar 132278 sword. Americans have used other countries as weapons for decades, yet are shocked when their planes are hijacked. I am in no way condoning any terrorist actions, only pointing out thatrepparttar 132279 Americans are no better thanrepparttar 132280 people they claim to be liberating today.

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