Diamonds in the Ruff: How to find a good personal trainer.

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

The question of how to find a good personal trainer is as old asrepparttar industry itself. In fact, it usually gets transformed into an even bigger question - should you even HIRE a personal trainer? Conveniently enough,repparttar 137059 answer to one of those questions will dictaterepparttar 137060 answer torepparttar 137061 other one - every time!

The short and simple truth ofrepparttar 137062 matter is that you should only hire a personal trainer if you can find an effective one that is right for you. Here are several things to consider before you decide!


The term professionalism should cover our prospective trainer's skills, as well as his/her ability to act in a professional manner. Both are critical torepparttar 137063 training process, and if a trainer is lacking in either department, it will spell doom for your program eventually, either inrepparttar 137064 short term, or later on downrepparttar 137065 road.

The days of personal trainers just being jocks with a certification are (thankfully!) coming to a close. Today's personal trainer needs to be a consummate professional with regard to his/her actual skills, as well as ability to treat their clients in a professional and business-like manner.

For now let's just agree that if your trainer doesn't have a clue about how to get you in shape, you probably don't want to hire that trainer!

What about their level of professionalism? A good personal trainer will always maintain their professional bearing. They don't need to be some stick inrepparttar 137066 mud with no personality, but there are several things that a trainer should NOT be doing during a training session. These include things like staring at themselves inrepparttar 137067 mirror, daydreaming, excessively talking to other people, talking on their cell phone, checking out members ofrepparttar 137068 opposite sex, and just generally not focusing on you duringrepparttar 137069 workout.

Your trainer should look professional as well. Althoughrepparttar 137070 actual clothing standards vary widely, some things that you should not see are excessive body jewelry,repparttar 137071 latest fashions such as arm bands, beanie caps, combat boots, etc., or any clothing or accessories that are worn simply as decoration or becauserepparttar 137072 style is in. The latest styles have absolutely nothing to do with your training program!


Which level of personal training certification isrepparttar 137073 best has been and continues to be a matter of extreme debate. This article will not propagate that debate with further discussion ofrepparttar 137074 details. However, what you should take home isrepparttar 137075 fact that regardless of your fitness goals, your trainer should be qualified to train YOU.

For general health and fitness, any ofrepparttar 137076 top 10 nationwide certification agencies offer acceptable programs. A brief list includes - but is not limited to -repparttar 137077 International Sports Sciences Association,repparttar 137078 American Council on Exercise, andrepparttar 137079 National Academy of Sports Medicine. There are others, and your trainer should be more than happy to point you torepparttar 137080 website that governs his or certification, so that you can learn more on your own.

Choosing A Home Exercise Equipment

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

Technology inrepparttar 21st century has made life much easier to bear. Everything can be done with a mere touch of a button, whetherrepparttar 136962 item is sitting right in front of us or some ten feet away. With such modern conveniences, is there any real time to get some real exercise done, or is mashing buttonsrepparttar 136963 only exercise we get to build up finger strength?

Home exercise equipment isrepparttar 136964 next best thing forrepparttar 136965 health-conscious individual who could never seem to find time to work out in a gym. Unlikerepparttar 136966 equipment used by gyms inrepparttar 136967 city, home exercise equipment is easy to use, a little more compact, and requires little maintenance. Sometimes, newer models of home exercise equipment inrepparttar 136968 market are designed to work on multiple parts ofrepparttar 136969 body to work on for that ever-impressionable fit form.

Choosingrepparttar 136970 correct home exercise equipment can be a little tricky at times, though shopping channels have been endorsing numerous designs that would seem easier to use as well as to store away. A majority of home exercise equipment buyers would prefer a treadmill,repparttar 136971 very equipment that has stirredrepparttar 136972 home exercise equipment manufacturers sincerepparttar 136973 bench press. Sometimes, a consumer would go out of his or her way just to be pummeled with a barrage of people saying that their brand isrepparttar 136974 best, or sturdiest, or even simplest to use. So where doesrepparttar 136975 comparing begins once a consumer finally decides?

The best way, and

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