Diamond is April's Birthstone

Written by Sam Serio

If you're still young enough to remember your birthday, you probably also rememberrepparttar special birthstone assigned to it. But at your age, we bet you don't really knowrepparttar 147867 SIGNIFICANCE of your birthstone and what powerrepparttar 147868 ancients felt would be bestowed about you by wearing it. April Birthstone: Diamond Birthstone Properties: Enhances competence, trust and love Alternative Birthstone: Opal Formed deep withinrepparttar 147869 earth where there is intense heat and pressure, diamonds are simply crystallized carbon. April's birthstone isrepparttar 147870 perennial first choice for engagement rings, but is it alsorepparttar 147871 anniversary gem forrepparttar 147872 10th and 60th years of marriage when eternity bands and other diamond-detailed rings replace original wedding bands. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars fallen to earth. It was even said by some that they wererepparttar 147873 tears ofrepparttar 147874 Gods or perhaps crystallized lightning or hardened dew drops. In fact,repparttar 147875 exact origin of diamonds is still something of a mystery, even to scientists and geologists. India is thought to berepparttar 147876 first river-bed source of diamond mining. The ancient Hindus calledrepparttar 147877 diamond "Vajra," (lightening) because ofrepparttar 147878 sparks of light that it emits as well as its invincible strength. Arguablyrepparttar 147879 most beautiful gemstones onrepparttar 147880 planet, diamonds are also harder than any other substance on earth and found today in Australia, Botswana, Russia and South Africa. Dr. Diamond Diamonds have long been credited for having certain medicinal properties. Duringrepparttar 147881 middle ages, these gemstones were thought to heal illness, but only ifrepparttar 147882 ailing person tookrepparttar 147883 diamond into bed to warm it up first!

The Enigma of a Movie Poster

Written by Mark McCallister

Have you ever noticed how movie posters make heads turn, especially when they are not displayed at a movie theater? Do you feel that movie posters somehow connect you to a certain period of your life when that movie was shown inrepparttar theaters?

Movie posters have always had a certain magnetism around them that sparks off memories ofrepparttar 147834 movie it portrays andrepparttar 147835 symbolism ofrepparttar 147836 movie itself. For example,repparttar 147837 classical movie poster of Gone withrepparttar 147838 Wind resemblesrepparttar 147839 romance and tragedy of its time. Many folks who watched this movie forrepparttar 147840 first time duringrepparttar 147841 60s now are reminded of their youth whenever they catch a glimpse of this poster. They reflect onrepparttar 147842 naivety of that time and how they had imagined themselves as Rhett Butler or Scarlett O’Hara. Perhaps they had watched this movie with their sweethearts and are reminded ofrepparttar 147843 good times they had then.

If you observe each movie poster with care, you will also notice that they have all been carefully designed and put together with great creativity. Of course, beforerepparttar 147844 launch of a movie these posters need to look interesting, attractive or mysterious in order to qualify as publicity material. However, in order to be all that,repparttar 147845 theme of a design needs to reflectrepparttar 147846 elements ofrepparttar 147847 movie, as well as to be authentic and original. Most importantly, it must appeal torepparttar 147848 mass audience. People should want to say to themselves, “I wonder what this movie is going to be about” when they see a movie poster. If this reaction is successfully created, thenrepparttar 147849 movie poster has achieved its objective.

People collect movie posters for various reasons. Of course there arerepparttar 147850 teenage collectors who put up movie posters to reflect their individuality. Some swoon over their movie star idols and therefore put their posters up to show everyone and themselves who they love. Whateverrepparttar 147851 reason is, teenagers make uprepparttar 147852 majority of movie poster collectors.

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