Diamond Promise rings For When You Mean It.

Written by Peter Leigh

Diamond promise rings are quite common, but many are not all that sure what they are. What is a promise ring? And what does it mean?

Promise rings (all of them, not just diamond promise rings, I just love diamond ones) are a symbol of a promise made between 2 people that both intend to keep.

Not just any old promise, there are lots of those. But a really serious promise. One that is so important between two people that they are both prepared to make a public statement of their promise and intention to keep it byrepparttar wearing of a diamond promise ring.

They can also be known variously as a pre engagement ring, or a purity ring. Each is slightly different. Sometimes they are called a friendship ring, perhaps incorrectly.

A pre engagement ring is a symbol of an intention between 2 people to get engaged at some time inrepparttar 144866 future. A diamond promise ring of this type is a serious commitment. One not to be undertaken lightly. A statement to all who see it that these 2 people are committed to each other. That althoughrepparttar 144867 time is not right, for various reasons, to get engaged, they have both been prepared to make that serious commitment regardless.

A friendship ring is slightly different and may not be, strictly speaking, a promise ring. It is more commonly a symbol of a very strong friendship between 2 people. There is of course, nothing wrong with this at all, just that it is not strictly a symbol of a promise. Just a symbol of a special feeling. For example where 2 strong friends find that their lives take them to different parts ofrepparttar 144868 world they can exchange diamond promise rings to seal their continuing friendship.

A diamond purity ring, onrepparttar 144869 other hand, is a symbol of a very strong promise of a very serious nature between 2 people. This is perhapsrepparttar 144870 most well known and most serious type of diamond promise ring, and perhaps requiresrepparttar 144871 most thought, andrepparttar 144872 most commitment.

Public -school teachers know best --- they send their kids to private schools

Written by Joel Turtel

A new study reported that more than 25 percent of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. public-school teachers send their kids to private schools. The study done byrepparttar Thomas B. Fordham Institute found that nationwide, public-school teachers are almost twice as likely as other parents to send their children to a private school. The study also found that more than one in five public-school teachers send their kids to private schools.

Inrepparttar 144865 biggest cities across America,repparttar 144866 statistics get even more startling. In Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and 16 other big cities, more than 1 out of 4 public-school teacher's kids attend private schools. In some cities, almost halfrepparttar 144867 public-school teachers do this. For example, in Philadelphia, 44 percent, and in Cincinnati, 41 percent of public-school teachers sent their kids to private schools.

Yet, across America, only about 12.2 percent of all parents who are not teachers send their children to private schools.

Now, why is this? Public school authorities keep telling us that they give our kids a good education. Yet they send their kids to private schools?

Well, teachers know best in this case. They actually work inrepparttar 144868 public schools every day. They seerepparttar 144869 kind of 3rd-rate, often mind-numbing education children get in these schools. Public-school teachers love their children like all other parents do. They wantrepparttar 144870 best for their kids. So, is it any wonder that so many teachers send their children to private schools?

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