DialResults Lowers Costs on Multi Site Call Centers or remote agents through use of IP Technology:

Written by Richard Logan

DialResults’ new Internet Protocol (IP) predictive dialer technology allows contact centers to implement multi-site contact center environments very cost effectively. In fact it may be time for many traditional call centers to replace their legacy ACD environments. DialResults IP technology allows call centers to minimize costs by eliminating costly technological boundaries of a traditional CTI applications and reducing phone charges. This reduces costs ofrepparttar call center by maximizingrepparttar 133487 use ofrepparttar 133488 CSR’s time with a reduced labor pool. DialResults IP technology can provide intelligent skill based routing acrossrepparttar 133489 contact centers entire network, to moverepparttar 133490 customer instantly torepparttar 133491 best pool of agents with skill sets to handlerepparttar 133492 customer’s needs immediately. DialResults IP technology also enables today’s modern contact center to have consolidated reporting and management as ifrepparttar 133493 distributed call center was in one location.

DialResults’ technology is a total IP based PBX / predictive dialer-based system for today’s and tomorrow’s new multi site contact center environment. Distributed call centers that userepparttar 133494 new DialResults IP architecture have many compelling advantages overrepparttar 133495 traditional PBX/ACD’s and older predictive dialer technology. DialResults’ centralized IP-based predictive dialer system is extremely scalable, easy to use and has more functionality at a lower cost. This gives contact centers a higher ROI, thanrepparttar 133496 traditional call center equipment. DialResults IP based multi site contact centers have many compelling advantages for today’s and tomorrows contact center applications.

Elexa Consumer Products, Inc.

Written by Seth Pychewicz

Elexa New Product Development division is constantly working to provide its customers with not only a good product but a new experience. Our goal is to create innovative, high performance cables and accessories and improve upon advances inrepparttar industry. Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. is a great place to findrepparttar 133486 latest technology. Through

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