Diagnosis Unknown

Written by Randy Davis

Diagnosis Unknown

Diagnosis Unknown is a heart-felt love story of courage and persistence that finally paid off. This is a book about one couple's journey to find a cure for a mysterious, chronic health problem,repparttar labyrinth of medical doctors they went through. If you have a health crisis, having this book is like having a friend. Or if

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Written by Judy Cullins

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them Judy Cullins c.2004 All Rights Reserved.

Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you? And, like your coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month?

Even if you are a non-techie like me, you can write your ebook atrepparttar same time you write your print book. Or, solve your readers' problems using other articles and reports already in your files. Expand a two-page article with a story or add other how-to's.

If you want to double and triple your present book income, check out these mistakes and correct them now.

Mistake 1. You don't write a short eBook first to testrepparttar 108408 waters.

Short is inrepparttar 108409 eyes ofrepparttar 108410 beholder, but let's say from 15-90 pages. Your future customers will be glad to download these pages and print onlyrepparttar 108411 ones they need to.

Your eBook needs to be more concise, easy-to-read, and compelling than your print book. That means you can shorten your analogies and stories. You can use a "success format" that poses a question (a heading) your reader wants answered, then answer it. This formula gets torepparttar 108412 point quickly, and always remember, your Online audience is busy and doesn't want a wordy style.

Mistake 2. You don't check in with a professional editor or book coach before you sell your eBook.

Yes, it's good to get feedback from peers, but you need to get a professional look atrepparttar 108413 final edition--someone who can set you straight about words and grammar that makes your writing vital and original. For instance, you need to drop your passive constructions such as "there is" or any form of "is, has, begin or start". Limitrepparttar 108414 -ly adverbs that merely tell rather than show. Your readers want a picture and want to respond with their emotions. Limit your -ing forms ofrepparttar 108415 verbs. Keep your copy in present or past tense.

Mistake 3. You don't know your audience before you write your eBook.

Emerging authors make this biggest mistake. They have information, so why not write an eBook? Instead think aboutrepparttar 108416 audience you will serve. More targeted works well. People who want something quick and easy that will save them time and money--another audience. The best one so far inrepparttar 108417 untapped Internet or Online audience. Mostly small business people, they are eager to buy what they need to make their life or business more enjoyable, profitable, and easy.

Right now, think of your one or two preferred audiences, and keep their profile of their needs, complaints, or problems as well as their picture by your workstation. Then you will writerepparttar 108418 book your pre-sold audience already wants!

Mistake 4. You don't automate your business .

As a newbie or non-techie, at first you may resist learning how to do this. Three years ago I knew nothing aboutrepparttar 108419 net, and today I've published five eBooks on Internet marketing and eBook writing and publishing. You can too, little by little.

Since each book will not bring you landslides of profit, think about limiting your small priced books. Or, bundle them so that each sale is around $20 and up.

Offer your eBook for sale through an 800 number. One with excellent service is MRC business Support at 800-366-5596. Set up a link for people to download your book. Two companies to investigate are Clickbank.com and Paypal.com.

Delegate some of this work to your computer assistant. Contact your local high schools and technical schools where Online geniuses live. And,repparttar 108420 cost is nominal in comparison torepparttar 108421 results.

Mistake 5. You don't have a title that sells well.

A good title is short, clear, and clever. The best title includes your book's number one benefit. Use words your audience can relate to. Even cliches are OK for book titles. Instead of "How to Market Online" offer a title like a Web site headline: "Quadruple your Monthly Book Income--Market Online."

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