Diabetes is Manageable

Written by Paul Sanford

Copyright 2005 Paul Sanford

It is estimated that over 18 million people overrepparttar age of 20 in this country have diabetes . Persons overrepparttar 139471 age of 45 and those considered obese according torepparttar 139472 Bio Mass Index are in elevated risk categories for this potentially fatal disease. Once diagnosedrepparttar 139473 potential health conditions that may result are: partial to complete blindness, kidney disease, hypoglycemia and certain sexual and urological problems including erectile dysfunction in men. Despite all of these potential effectsrepparttar 139474 truth is very simple—diabetes is manageable!

Without question, a diabetes diagnosis does in fact mean that you will live withrepparttar 139475 condition forrepparttar 139476 rest of your life but it does not mean an end to your life. Far from it. There are millions of people living very full and complete lives despiterepparttar 139477 condition’s very real potential to bring about serious consequences to one’s well-being. And don’t worry—a diabetes diagnosis does NOT mean that you need to worry about going in and out ofrepparttar 139478 doctor’s office every other day either! With proper self-discipline, a thorough understanding ofrepparttar 139479 disease and its effective treatment techniques, and especially withrepparttar 139480 proper equipment—this is a VERY manageable condition!

6 Tips To Help With Your Workout

Written by Laura Hickey - http://www.laurahickey.com

In today’s world of rushing to our next appointment, doing more and often times super sizing our meals, it can feel like there’s no time or energy left to work out. We may atrepparttar New Year put in our resolutions what we’re like to work on such as gaining a 6 pack or losing extra weight in other places. But by 2 or 3 weeks intorepparttar 139349 New Year, we may have lostrepparttar 139350 excitement and energy we once had when we were writing these goals down. But there are some easy ways to help yourself get back into keeping track of your work out.

Drink Water- Do you ever feel like you’d rather just sit onrepparttar 139351 couch or lay in bed for hours after a hard day at work? Drinking more water, preferably when you’re not at work to avoid every 20 or so minute bathroom trips can help you look and feel better. Not to mention it flushes outrepparttar 139352 toxins and leaves you having more energy.

A log- Keeping a log of how many squats, crunches and or pounds will help encourage yourself to move forward with your workout. You don’t need a fancy log book. A simple inexpensive notebook and pen or pencil will dorepparttar 139353 trick.

Friends- If you tell your friends or work out with one, you’re more likely to keep sticking to your goal. Not to mention your friend could be your cheerleader when times are tough.

Reminders- Putting in one area such as your night stand isn’t enough. The saying of "Out of sight, out of mind" is very true. But if you leave little reminders aroundrepparttar 139354 house, working out will constantly be in your mind thus preventing forgetting what your workout plan for that day is.

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