Development of a society

Written by Vadim Smolyanov and Valentina Smolyanova

Chapter IV. Development of a society

"Ö There is no people with such heavy historical burden and with such spiritual power as ours; anybody can not judge a martyr who temporarily has fallen to a cross; but have gained gift to itself - invisibly reviving in visible dying Ö" Lev Tolstoy

"Super ego" has been generated by evolution asrepparttar barrier for chaotic expansion and self-destruction. "Super ego" has takenrepparttar 127677 functions establishing principles of "narrow specialisation" and "adaptability-breeding" which correspond to principles in biosphere. These principles are described inrepparttar 127678 second part of work. However "Unconscious" during all history of mankind byrepparttar 127679 aspiration to expansion periodically comes out fromrepparttar 127680 "Super ego" control making wars, revolutions or great discovering. It develops mankind. And evolution has fixed dominance ofrepparttar 127681 different mental function not only inside each person, but also in character of various societies. How it has turned out? Religions ofrepparttar 127682 East accented attention torepparttar 127683 Supreme deity and determinedrepparttar 127684 world as illusion and unconscious aspirations ofrepparttar 127685 person as illusion, asrepparttar 127686 illusory obstacles which are not giving achievements ofrepparttar 127687 God Absolute. Leaving ofrepparttar 127688 real world and concentration onrepparttar 127689 supreme world during many centuries has createdrepparttar 127690 rigid associative structures of "Super ego" of east societies. The person ofrepparttar 127691 East perceives situations entirely and determinesrepparttar 127692 attitude to a situation by a principle "it is pleasant or not pleasant" (the feel function). Forrepparttar 127693 Eastrepparttar 127694 past,repparttar 127695 legend and tradition is more important thanrepparttar 127696 present orrepparttar 127697 future. Having concentrated on "Super ego"repparttar 127698 East has lost abilities to creativity (creativity or creation of new associative structures is inherent for "Unconscious"). Inrepparttar 127699 West other history. Judaism and Christianity inrepparttar 127700 greater degree focused attention ofrepparttar 127701 person torepparttar 127702 daily life. Concentration ofrepparttar 127703 West society onrepparttar 127704 present, occurrence of unacceptability by this society of discrepancy between requirements of religion traditions andrepparttar 127705 current situation have resulted into Renaissance. "Super ego" ofrepparttar 127706 West was formed under influence of religion too, but with arrival of Protestantism and with development of a science religious associative structures have started to collapse. "Super ego" which serves to individualism is developed now on that place. The person ofrepparttar 127707 West perceivesrepparttar 127708 world through logic and sensing experience supporting logic (the cogitating function andrepparttar 127709 function of sensing). Inrepparttar 127710 West to survive is necessary to be "here and now ". What occurs with "Unconscious"? The West focused to "Me" has destroyed religiousness of "Super ego" and receives spontaneous expansion of "Unconscious", more exactly its part which contains underrepparttar 127711 action of "Super egoĽ extrusion of complexes. It results in elimination ofrepparttar 127712 constraining principles limiting sexual needs and gluttonies needs. Is advertisedrepparttar 127713 sexual revolution with absolute freedom down to distortions and is advertisedrepparttar 127714 high consumption of all kinds of products. The consumer society andrepparttar 127715 competition society has created a situation similar to an epoch "struggle of all against all" in more refined and liberal democratic kind but not excluding mass victims. Victims are people with prevailing functions distinct fromrepparttar 127716 cogitating function andrepparttar 127717 function of sensing. They are not useful for such society and by millions are thrown out from lives that we now notice in Russia. The contrast of prevailing functions results to misunderstanding between western and east civilisations. It can result in a destroying of World.

Eulerís Identity and the Eucalculus

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

People find mathematics - particularly higher mathematics - difficult. This is perhaps due to a lack of VISUAL IMAGERY with which to bringrepparttar concepts to life.

As a professional technical author, I decided to use graphical techniques to simplifyrepparttar 127676 understanding of such things as Euler's equation.

This allowed me to guiderepparttar 127677 reader into a study ofrepparttar 127678 Fractional Factorials - which Euler calledrepparttar 127679 "GAMMA FUNCTION" - and introduce a brand-new extension torepparttar 127680 Calculus. This I callrepparttar 127681 Eucalculus.

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