Developing Your Mission

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

"The best Leader is one who knows how to pick good people to do what he or she wants done and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it." - Heidi Richards -

Developing Your Mission

Mission statements describerepparttar purpose of an organization or a sub-group of it. It is a general description of what it is thatrepparttar 136353 team is there to do. It grows out ofrepparttar 136354 Vision. It describesrepparttar 136355 organization's purpose. It tends to be general with objectives often accompanying it. The mission providesrepparttar 136356 "framework" for goals and objectives. It also provides guidance forrepparttar 136357 major decisions officers and board members need to make. Identifying or updatingrepparttar 136358 mission is usually done during strategic planning.

Developing a mission statement can be approached using varying methods:

Participants may use highly analytical and rational exercises such as focused discussions or highly creative and divergent approaches through daydreaming, sharing stories, etc.

Take Action with PMS - Productivity Management System™

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

“Success is about deciding what’s important versus what’s irrelevant in your life; it’s about self-motivation, self-discovery, self-confidence and enjoyingrepparttar rewards of achieving your goals.” Heidi Richards

This is part three inrepparttar 136352 PMS - Productivity Management System™. This is your to-do list of processes and steps you must take in order to fully realize your goals. Once you have crystallized exactly what it is you wish to accomplish, it is important to know which steps you must take and in what order so you will set yourself up for success.

Action begins with proper planning. Writing downrepparttar 136353 tasks you must take to achieve your goals (step-by-step) will help you to be a success inrepparttar 136354 areas of your life you focus on.

Set reminders and deadlines. Schedule deadlines and reminders inrepparttar 136355 same way you schedule appointments and celebrations. Use a calendar, daytime planner or a contact manager software program to help you schedulerepparttar 136356 tasks and deadlines for each.

By now you should have filled out thePMS/GPS - Productivity Management System™ for Goal Planning and Setting chart to help you to put your total plan together. If not, you can download it at

Think in logical order - each major step should supportrepparttar 136357 next step in succession

Be specific - write outrepparttar 136358 objectives in as much detail as it takes to fully understand what needs to be done

Set a deadline for each major objective you must complete

Break down each major task into smaller tasks with shorter deadlines.

Review your goal plan regularly. Perhapsrepparttar 136359 most important step inrepparttar 136360 goal management process is reviewing your goals. For most people,repparttar 136361 most common reason for failing to achieve goals is omittingrepparttar 136362 review step. Reviewing your goals keeps them fresh in your mind, and keeps you motivated and focused on what is important. Review also allows you to make adjustments and change your goals when necessary. One ofrepparttar 136363 best ways to review your goals is to look at your goals chart daily, see what steps you need to take and “do it!” Puttingrepparttar 136364 goal inrepparttar 136365 forefront of your consciousness, makes you think about it often. It helps you to better manage your time.

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