Developing The Right Attitude To Sell in Tough Times

Written by Noel Peebles

Do I have any specific thoughts about selling when times are tough? Well, if you are to achieve high levels of success in selling, you must be able to get positive results even while circumstances are negative. In just about every area of selling,repparttar field will over populate in boom times and thin out in tough times.

The real estate industry is a classic example of this. Yet some people stay inrepparttar 127341 industry year after year, regardless of peaks and troughs.

The consistently high performer will get results no matterrepparttar 127342 circumstances. Most ofrepparttar 127343 time it comes down to attitude. Some people look for circumstances in a victimized kind of way. They need to justify their poor results. They celebrate their good days, but in repparttar 127344 down times, they have their 'safety net' of excuses ready. What they are doing, is giving negative thinking a lot of power. They spend precious energy and time dreaming up and focusing on their reasons why something won't or didn't work.

Any time you offer your subconscious a choice between two goals; one negative and one positive, you risk it taking onrepparttar 127345 negative one. Which one do you giverepparttar 127346 most focus to?

The exceptional achiever deliberately ignores talk about recessions, wars,repparttar 127347 miserable state of affairs inrepparttar 127348 world. They play down difficulties in their own lives. They try not to focus on doom and gloom or any other subject that they feel may detract from their ultimate success.

These high achievers steer clear ofrepparttar 127349 melodramas of life and concentrate their efforts instead, on matters far more worthy of their precious time and energy. Their 'batting average' matters more and it's here where their focus lies.

Three Secret Keys to Persuasion Magic

Written by Peter Murphy

Effective persuasion is more a case of pressingrepparttar right buttons than most people realize. If you could learn to be even more persuasive than you already are imaginerepparttar 127340 difference that would make torepparttar 127341 quality of your life. Consider for a momentrepparttar 127342 difference it would make to your confidence and to how other people treat you if you could count on always being able to express your self in a way that causes people to really pay attention to you.

Just a few critical distinctions can supercharge your communication skills:

1 Appeal To Peoplesī Values

Values arerepparttar 127343 criteria by which people make sense of allrepparttar 127344 information they must process before making a decision. In simple terms, your values consist of what is most important to you.

When you ask someone: what is most important to you about ....? They will tell you their values. Let's say you ask them their career values, what is most important to you about your career? They might answer: money, approval, and winning. Speak to them in terms of these values and you will have their attention, talk about what is not important to them and don't be surprised if they fall asleep!

Inrepparttar 127345 case of this example if you wanted to hire this person, you would grab their interest by showing them how they could have more money, approval and win more often with your company. If instead you talked at length aboutrepparttar 127346 modesty, politeness and punctuality ofrepparttar 127347 workforce you would be wasting your time.

2 Let Go

Have you ever wanted something so much that your nerves got inrepparttar 127348 way of expressing yourself clearly? That rush of excitement just seemed to burn out some critical speech circuits!

When you absolutely need to be at your persuasive best ironically you must also feel that you can walk away fromrepparttar 127349 deal or discussion without getting what you want. Developing emotional detachment while still pursuing your goal is a powerful skill that more people could do well to master. How can you let go ofrepparttar 127350 feelings while still wantingrepparttar 127351 goal?

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