Develop Your Managers and Keep Your Staff

Written by Lorraine Pirihi

Following on fromrepparttar last edition of The Organised Times where we spoke about developingrepparttar 119524 people in your business, this week we're focussing onrepparttar 119525 importance ofrepparttar 119526 continual development of your managers.

Leadership comes fromrepparttar 119527 top down. Poor management skills isrepparttar 119528 cause of most employee dissatisfaction and results in their poor performance.

The following article by Nathan Chanesman from My Profile is worthwhile reading:

Poor management skills lead to poor employee performance It's disheartening to read that poor management skills isrepparttar 119529 cause of most business dissatisfaction. You'd think that with allrepparttar 119530 training and investment that has gone into this topic that we'd learnt by now to get it right.

Employees have lost trust inrepparttar 119531 companies they work for Kelly Services Survey published in October last year indicated that 47% of Australian employees believe "that companies do not have their best interests at heart".

Dissatisfaction seems to berepparttar 119532 order ofrepparttar 119533 day. 50% of Australia's workforce want to quit it's job and nearly 40% reported that they often "woke up inrepparttar 119534 morning not willing to facerepparttar 119535 day".

SEEK,repparttar 119536 online job board survey of October 2003 reported that 75% of employees questioned are not happy with their current job.

Asked what they liked most about their job 51% said "the people I work with". And what did they hate most? 60% said "the quality of management". Not surprising, dissatisfaction with management increased as people got older.

The Solutions

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Appreciate to Motivate

Written by Ed Sykes

Appreciate to Motivate (Five Keys to Successful Team Building) Ed Sykes

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, since said, "There are two things people want more than sex and money...recognition and praise." Time and time againrepparttar one motivating factor that is atrepparttar 119523 top of most employee lists is appreciation for a job well done. It is more requested thanrepparttar 119524 green stuff, money.

Why donít more managers, owners, and employees give appreciation? Some people state they donít know how to give it. Others donít know what to give appreciate for inrepparttar 119525 work environment. Yet others say they are too busy to give appreciation.

I think is this isrepparttar 119526 biggest sin of managers, being too busy to give appreciation for a good job well done. Remember whatrepparttar 119527 old transmission commercials used to say, "You can pay me now or you can pay me later." Well, that is what giving appreciation is about. You can invest in your employees now and "pay" them with sincere appreciation and achieve even better performance. Or you will "pay" later by seeing your teamís performance sink, corrective actions and coachings increase, and overall morale decrease.

The following are five tips to giving sincere appreciate that will motivate your team to soar to higher level and achieve more:

1. Be Specific In order to getrepparttar 119528 same behavior or action again you need to letrepparttar 119529 employee know exactly what action(s) you are appreciating. For example,repparttar 119530 typical attempt at appreciate sounds like this:

Manager: "Mike, you did a great job earlier today. Keep uprepparttar 119531 good work!"

Mike:"Thanks" (Mike is thinking what is he complimenting me on?)

The correct way:

Manager: "Mike you did a great job onrepparttar 119532 report earlier today. I can see you invested a lot of time onrepparttar 119533 report byrepparttar 119534 detail you put in it. I really appreciate you effort. Thank you."

Mike: "I appreciate you noticedrepparttar 119535 time a put intorepparttar 119536 report. Thanks!" (Mike is thinking thatrepparttar 119537 manager really did read it and appreciates his effort. I will be glad to do it again.)

As you can seerepparttar 119538 employee has a clear understanding of what actionrepparttar 119539 manager is showing appreciated for and he is motivated to take onrepparttar 119540 project again.

2. Be Timely Make sure you show appreciation as soon as possible torepparttar 119541 action you appreciate. The furtherrepparttar 119542 distant in time betweenrepparttar 119543 appreciation andrepparttar 119544 actionrepparttar 119545 less impact it will have to motivaterepparttar 119546 employee.

Manager: Mike,repparttar 119547 report you submitted six month ago was great. Keep uprepparttar 119548 good work. Thanks!"

Mike: "Thanks, I think. What report are you taking about?"

Always find time to show appreciate in a timely manner. Even if you need to drop something else take time to appreciate your employees.

3. Be Fair One ofrepparttar 119549 key concerns of students in my workshops is that when appreciation is shown, it doesnít seem fair. The biggest villain of this isrepparttar 119550 dreaded "Employee ofrepparttar 119551 Month" board. Many times when you askrepparttar 119552 "Employee ofrepparttar 119553 Month" what did you do to earn it they say, "I donít know." I have one action you must take when giving consistent!

* First, clearly staterepparttar 119554 rules for appreciation so that everyone understands how appreciate is earned.

* Second, be consistent when showing appreciation. If one employee does a favorable action and you show appreciation and another employee doesrepparttar 119555 same or similar action and you donít show appreciation you have just sewnrepparttar 119556 seeds of bad morale and feelings of favoritism.

* Third, always be onrepparttar 119557 lookout for "finding something good" your employees do well. Once you achieve this mindset you will always findrepparttar 119558 good and increase morale and productivity within your team and organization.

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