Determining Marketing Effectiveness Even If You Didn't Track

Written by Debbie LaChusa

What if you've done a variety of marketing activities overrepparttar past year, but you did not establish any way to trackrepparttar 146886 response? Now you donít know what worked and what didnít.

Is there anything you can do now before you continue with your marketing efforts and potentially continue spending money on not-so-effective marketing activities? First of all, donít beat yourself up. You are not alone. In fact, one of my biggest challenges as a marketing consultant has been to get my clients to trackrepparttar 146887 effectiveness of their various marketing activities.

The first thing to do is recognizerepparttar 146888 importance of tracking, and make sure that you have a plan in place to track all of your future marketing activities. The simplest way to track is to ask each new customer where or how they found out about you. You may also want to consider including a code on any flyers or brochures that you distribute, and providing a reason forrepparttar 146889 customer to bring that flyer in when they come to make a purchase. Reasons to returnrepparttar 146890 flyer could be to take advantage of a special offer, or to get a discount or free bonus gift.

You can also do this by phone or onrepparttar 146891 Internet if that is how your customers make purchases. Simply ask them to provide you withrepparttar 146892 code onrepparttar 146893 brochure or flyer that they are calling or ordering from. Make surerepparttar 146894 code is specific torepparttar 146895 location or group of people that you distributedrepparttar 146896 flyer to.

My Marketing Budget Is Small. How Can I Make The Most Of It?

Written by Debbie LaChusa

For example, it may not make sense or be necessary to market consistently all year long. Are their times when your particular industry is slow and customers are not likely to purchase? Conversely, are their times duringrepparttar year when customers are more likely to be inrepparttar 146885 market for your product or service?

Schedule your marketing activities to take advantage of these peak times and to avoid what I callrepparttar 146886 "valleys" (when no one is inrepparttar 146887 market for what you are selling). Aim to persuade as many people as possible to buy from you when they are inrepparttar 146888 buying mood.

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