Detecting Children's Learning Disabilities

Written by David Fitzgerald

The most common learning disability is reading and language skills. Learning disabilities are not something that child will outgrow or is cured. But once recognized and focused on,repparttar child can succeed in learning.

Well-meaning relatives and pediatricians sometimes offer assurances that an infant or toddler or pre-schooler with a delay is a “late-bloomer” that will catch up and advise parents to “just wait.” Yes, all children develop at varying rates, but a parent often knows when their child is truly not developing in a typical way. Trust your instincts as a parent: Waiting is not a good idea! Most children struggle during some part of their school years. This is common and some help overrepparttar 109317 hard spots will remedy this problem. But if you detect your child has continues problems with reading, writing and math, he or she may have a learning disability. Often children with learning disabilities have symptoms. These symptoms do not disappear, asrepparttar 109318 child grows older. Detecting them isrepparttar 109319 key to a successful approach to helping your child.

Early intervention with a child who is behind in language, social, cognitive, fine motor or gross motor development can make a world of difference! There are many strategies you can use to help a child makerepparttar 109320 most of their learning abilities in early childhood. Almost all children with learning disabilities, which result in reading difficulties, can learn to read when intervention strategies start at age four or five. Here are some ofrepparttar 109321 most frequent symptoms that are observed: ·Difficulty following directions ·Short attention span ·Poor memory ·Poor reading and/or writing ·Can’t discriminate between letters, numbers or sounds ·Difficulty with sequencing ·Problems with coordination What can you do as a parent? You can research onrepparttar 109322 Internet. You can start with our site: Go to your local library for research. Your local school can also help. Have your child takerepparttar 109323 free screening test (hearing & vision) that their school offers. Many school have created special teams to solve these kinds of problems. Check with your school and see what they offer inrepparttar 109324 area of learning disables.

What is pitch correction? - Can singers actually sing anymore?

Written by Michael Oliphant

Not all that long ago, record producers and engineers used to spend long hours with singers inrepparttar studio making sure that they gotrepparttar 109316 best possible take of their performance. It was very important to make sure thatrepparttar 109317 singer sang everything in tune and that there was no 'pitchiness' or parts ofrepparttar 109318 melody that were sung a little flat or sharp. This was critical for it meant that when it came time to mixrepparttar 109319 track, there was simply no way to correct a performance for pitch.

This all changed withrepparttar 109320 invention of pitch correction software. Most studio recordings these days are done on what is known as a 'DAW'. This stands for Digital Audio Workstation and has becomerepparttar 109321 standard throughoutrepparttar 109322 music industry replacing tape based multitrack machines. Becauserepparttar 109323 process is entirely digital it means thatrepparttar 109324 recorded audio can be processed in ways that most musicians never even dreamed of in years passed.

Remember when Cher had a huge hit with a song called 'Believe'? That strange warbling effect onrepparttar 109325 vocal is actually created byrepparttar 109326 pitch correction software. Someone discovered that by setting it to over-correct it would actually produce a pleasing effect. Like all these things it has been over-used since by many artists.

Pitch correction works by analysingrepparttar 109327 audio and resampling it back to correct pitch. It operates in real time which means that a studio engineer can apply pitch correction to a vocal where and when it is needed. Many regard pitch correction as a lifesaver inrepparttar 109328 studio. Singers often feel relieved that a great performance need not be erased and redone simply because one or two notes may have been a little flat or sharp. Studios often see it as a great time saver as it reducesrepparttar 109329 need to record many takes inrepparttar 109330 hope of getting a performance that is completely in key.

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