Detagged domains.

Written by Clare Lawrence

Detagged domains.

By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

What is a DETAGGED domain name? We get asked this question regularly.

Only UK domain names can be detagged. A domain name that has been DETAGGED is no longer hosted on valid name servers.

What happens if there are no longer valid nameservers showing against a domain name?

If no valid name servers are showing this means that any services such e-mail or a web site will no longer work.

Who can DETAG a domain name?

Only a domain registration service or agent can DETAG a domain name. This happens ifrepparttar 108264 relationship between domain name owner and agent expires, for example ifrepparttar 108265 registration fee or renewal fee is not paid.

When are domain names detagged?

Domain names can be detagged at any point after registration. Detagging signifiesrepparttar 108266 end ofrepparttar 108267 relationship betweenrepparttar 108268 registration agent andrepparttar 108269 registrant.

It is not necessarily an indication of whether a domain name is paid for or not.

How can I tell if a domain name is DETAGGED?

You will probably notice thatrepparttar 108270 email or web site associated withrepparttar 108271 domain name has stopped working.

Domain Names

Written by Clare Lawrence

Domain Names By Clare Lawrence 11th May 2004

Domain names are relatively straightforward! Or at least that’srepparttar theory!!

The domain name is also, but technically not quiet correct, known asrepparttar 108263 website address.

Using an ISP’s domain name can look amateurish in an e-mail addresses, it is much more so with websites, givingrepparttar 108264 impression of hanging on another’s coat tails. The only exception being when a firm wants to re-inforce a local or professional affiliation by appearing as part of an existing site dedicated to a region or association. Even in such cases autonomy and continuity are better assured by having one’s own domain and merely using a page onrepparttar 108265 third party’s site to point users toward it.

Domains are classified according to their endings or “suffixes”. As a commercial organisation a company will almost certainly want a domain ending in .com or Other endings such as .biz and are at least to date, insufficiently familiar to users, meaningrepparttar 108266 name can be too readily misremembered. Ofrepparttar 108267 two desirable suffixes, .com is preferable for business with international activities, and arguably givesrepparttar 108268 impression of a bigger organisation, whilst helps reassure users onrepparttar 108269 largely American-dominated web that they are indeed dealing with a UK firm.

The part ofrepparttar 108270 domain name beforerepparttar 108271 suffix will usually byrepparttar 108272 firms trading name, provided of course thatrepparttar 108273 domain name has not already been registered, (which is increasingly likely these days). Ifrepparttar 108274 name is very long an abbreviation may be considered. Domain names are not case sensitive.

The actual registration of a domain name is a straightforward process that can be done online, either through your ISP or better still through a dedicated registration service company such as Discount Domains Ltd ( Renewal fees must be paid, typically every two years.

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