Destruction for Good

Written by Thomas Yoon

Destruction! Blow Up! Eliminate! These are not pleasant words!

Unfortunately, when it comes to safety we have no other choices. Inrepparttar electrical industry, fuses are destroyed in order to protect lives or property.

Whenever there is a big fault inrepparttar 133360 power lines, possibly caused by short-circuiting, fuses are very helpful to stoprepparttar 133361 flow of current.

Unlike circuit breakers, fuses have no mechanical moving parts that can fail to operate. A fuse is just an electrical link in repparttar 133362 circuit that can melt very quickly whenever a certain temperature is reached.

Fuses have 4 things to do in a circuit:

1. They must sense faults 2. They must open quickly when a short-circuit occurs 3. They must also senserepparttar 133363 normal overloaded conditions, but must open ifrepparttar 133364 overload becomes excessive or prolonged. 4. They must not change or alterrepparttar 133365 characteristic ofrepparttar 133366 current during normal operation.

Early types of fuses use lead wires, selected based on their diameters, connected to terminals. These types have some disadvantages. Whenever a fuse blows,repparttar 133367 molten metal spatters overrepparttar 133368 equipment and could cause injury to people or cause fires, especially whenrepparttar 133369 arc was not confined.

Later, cartridge fuses replacedrepparttar 133370 old lead wire fuses. These consist of non-conducting cylinders which contain soft metal fuse strips. The strips are connected torepparttar 133371 ends ofrepparttar 133372 cylinders by metal caps or ferrules. The entire cartridge fuse is mounted onto a matching fuse block.

Internet Privacy

Written by Steve

Privacy onrepparttar internet,

Overrepparttar 133359 past few years asrepparttar 133360 internet has become more and more popular, privacy has become a major issue. Just as if you are walking downrepparttar 133361 street and can be watched, every click of your mouse every website you browse, or file you download, is traceable. In recent years this has become a major issue.

Spyware: The most currently talked about privacy issue atrepparttar 133362 moment. Spyware are little programmes that can easily be picked up by surfing any website or downloading files. Spyware can pickup information from where you surf to your credit card details, this information then can be sold.

Generally onlyrepparttar 133363 "Dodgy" websites give you Spyware but people are now creating harmless looking websites with real content but only offering a download that may be Spyware. There are many developers trying to create software that will infiltraterepparttar 133364 Spyware and take it out, but just as smart these coders are so arerepparttar 133365 Bad guys. Microsoft are waging war on Spyware by developing their own free downloadable Spyware remover, but already inrepparttar 133366 beta stages, viruses have been made to stop Microsoft's Anti-Spyware programme in its tracks. This isrepparttar 133367 lengths these malicious coders will go to, to keep their piece ofrepparttar 133368 pie.

Cookies: Cookies sounds like something yummy, but onrepparttar 133369 internet cookies can berepparttar 133370 opposite. Cookies are great tools as they allow websites to recognise you when you come back to view their pages. The major issue with this is some webmasters collect data on you from passwords to private and personal information. Cookies can even help nasty people to steal your identity.

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