Desktop Security Software Risks - Part 2

Written by Tim Klemmer

This isrepparttar third in a series of articles highlighting reasons why we need a new model for anti-virus and security solutions.

Reason #2:repparttar 133403 Desktop Security Software Risks

The risks of placing software onrepparttar 133404 desktop are such that I will be breaking this article into two parts.

There are many advantages to putting security and anti-virus software onrepparttar 133405 desktop. They range from efficiency to money. Under previous ways of thinking if I can capture security and virus problems atrepparttar 133406 desktop I can prevent them from going any farther. That works well in a non-connected environment. Inrepparttar 133407 connected environment it makes more sense to centralizerepparttar 133408 software and monitor connections in and out. Basically “firewall” allrepparttar 133409 appliances from each other.

In a previous article we discussedrepparttar 133410 security risks inherent with desktop software designed to berepparttar 133411 protection layer between you and all those bad people out there onrepparttar 133412 Internet. Here now we will discuss some more mundane issues regardingrepparttar 133413 risks of putting security software onrepparttar 133414 desktop: Drag Drag steals clock-cycles from your processes so that it can run in a higher priority mode. Anti-virus software especially places a drag on your computer. Depending on your settings (andrepparttar 133415 default settings are usually very aggressive), every time you run a program or open a file, real-time file scanning takes place and your files are scanned for viruses. This slows down your processing. Accessing larger files takes longer. You can see a discernible lag time between when you start a program/open a file and when you can actually access it. Compatibility Afterrepparttar 133416 obvious issue of “drag” is compatibility. Often security and anti-virus rules get inrepparttar 133417 way of your doing business on your computer. While you may get away with using older versions of such packages as Word, Sims, Photoshop, etc. on your computer withrepparttar 133418 new XP operating system, it’s unlikely your security software will be completely compatible. Why? Many packages rely on very low-level functionality to be able to dorepparttar 133419 tasks they set out to do. Anti-virus packages have to be able to operate at a level closer torepparttar 133420 hardware than most packages. They need to do this to prevent virus software from taking precedence from them. While many packages offer backward-compatibilityrepparttar 133421 opposite is not true: forward-compatibility. There are several reasons for this: a package written for Windows 98 will not anticipate allrepparttar 133422 changes torepparttar 133423 operating system that are implemented for Windows XP. While your Win98 anti-virus program may work under XP, it won’t work at its peak performance. It can’t. It’s just another reason for centralizing your security. By siphoning all your traffic through a security screen at your ISP, for instance, you offloadrepparttar 133424 need for updates and staying up-to-date on your security software. This then becomesrepparttar 133425 job ofrepparttar 133426 service provider.

Technology Sucks - Did you have a nice day?

Written by Birmingham UK Com

I get intorepparttar office this morning and make a cup of coffee. Today is going to be a good day I tell myself as I sit down at my desk, ready for everythingrepparttar 133402 world has to throw at me.

Firstly my ISP doesn't work and its over an hour before were online - and this is Broadband! I download 367 emails of which 4 are for me and only 2 of them I really want. I have now wasted an hour and half ofrepparttar 133403 day and got nowhere.

To make matters worse my laptop seizes up halfway through trying to open a PDF file. This is a top ofrepparttar 133404 range computer and is causing me frustration big time.

Finally I can get started but Joe fromrepparttar 133405 office next door stops by. He is down and depressed over his recent divorce and wants to know if I would like to go for lunch with him. Hell. Thatsrepparttar 133406 last thing I want to do - but what do I do? I agree. What a sucker.

I get through lunch but end up with a headache from Joe wining on about his personal problems. Whats even worse is that it was a forgone conclusion that I would pay forrepparttar 133407 meal.

Never mind. Onwards and forwards. Whatever else could possibly go wrong. The afternoon should be pretty easy asrepparttar 133408 company director is doing a presentation so I pass time finishing off some work before I'm ready to go torepparttar 133409 meeting. Finally its time to go. I set off downrepparttar 133410 corridor towardsrepparttar 133411 meeting room.

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