Desire, Lack & Sensuality in Business/Lifestyle

Written by Susan James

Have you ever thought about where *desire* begins? I have, andrepparttar "buck" seems to stop at Divine Mind. What does this have to do with Business and Lifestyle?

Of particular note in both business & lifestyle desires arerepparttar 101920 patterns of "need & lack". We say: "I need that but I lack this to get it, therefore I know it won't come". Energy Follows Awareness. What does this mean? It means that everything is energy. Lack is energy. If we think lack, that means we are aware of lack, and it then shows up more in our lives & businesses. It'srepparttar 101921 way things work whether we "know" it and apply that knowing, or not.

The Electromagnetic field, that "sweet invisible space in front of our face", is whererepparttar 101922 action is for our lives. It'srepparttar 101923 home plate of where we sendrepparttar 101924 home runs for our life. It's our "field of dreams" so to speak.

When we have a "lack" thought, it usually means, we are focused on what we don't have. We wish we hadrepparttar 101925 thing, but that's not where our mind is. Our mind is spending its energy onrepparttar 101926 playing field of , "I don't have it and it hurts my heart and mind that I don't have it. I simply do not have it and it hurts. It's not here, and it hurts".

Therefore, on our "field of dreams" our electromagnetic field, we begin to draw baseballs of hurt, bruises, pain and broken- ness on some level. That's how that particular game goes. We need to begin a new game, this one is rained out and not to be re-scheduled.

On to Need. Need has a different flavor than lack. Lack is a form of desire, and we can create and do create from lack, it's just slow going and painful. Our option is create from desire instead of lack.

Need onrepparttar 101927 other hand is a "I've got to have this thing, I simply have to have it. I'm going to have this thing. I don't know how, but I have to have it, I NEED IT !" "Why do I need it ? It fulfills me on some level. It makes my business run successfully, and my life feels better. It completes something for me on some level."

This is like a searching. Ok where is it?

We need it. We need it so much that our antennae is way out there, "looking" searching. We are projecting "forward" in our mind and expandingrepparttar 101928 possibilities all around our playing field for home runs, first base hits, triples, stealing into home forrepparttar 101929 victory.

Don't Look for Your Soul Mate

Written by Rinatta Paries

If you look for a soul mate, you are likely to find a relationship that leaves you bewildered and alone soon after it begins. Instead, look for a partner and a best friend to whom you are attracted.

I hear it over and over again; "We were so compatible...we fell in love at first sight...we committed to each other right way...we had so much in common…it is as if we have known each other all of our lives...etc." Yetrepparttar relationship fell apart, my soul mate's behavior radically changed. What happened?

What happens when you look for a soul mate? You look for someone with whom you can feel at home, right away. You look for someone who will understand you and give you what you want and need, right away. You look for an extraordinary sense of recognition, connection and attraction.

Instead, what you find is someone who is willing to melt with you, to let go of boundaries that definerepparttar 101919 self. You find someone who is willing for a time to be for you whomever and whatever you want. And you melt with him or her, let go of your own boundaries, become for him or her what is wanted or needed. Thenrepparttar 101920 two of you feel like soul mates. But this can only go on for a time, and often a short time -- about 6 weeks to 3 months, sometimes even less.

Eventually, both of you regain a sense of self, a sense of personal boundaries, needs and wants, distinctly different from one another. Your "soul mate" may not meet your needs and give you attention as readily as he or she once did. You realize you may not be as compatible as you thought you were. You find out things about each other you cannot accept. One or both people pull away, often without communicating torepparttar 101921 otherrepparttar 101922 true reasons forrepparttar 101923 distance. Eventuallyrepparttar 101924 relationship ends.

If you want to avoid having this kind of experience altogether, look for a person who hasrepparttar 101925 capacity to become you partner and best friend, to whom you are attracted. The key words here being "partner" and "best friend" and "attracted." As in someone you can partner with to build a life, someone who will support, encourage and cheer you on, to whom you are attracted. All three of these qualities must be present for you to haverepparttar 101926 kind of relationship you dream of.

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