Designing for a Non-English Audience

Written by Felicia Bratu

Having worked as a digital publishing specialist at a large corporation at my previous job, I did not think being in charge of foreign language typesetting would be too difficult. After all,repparttar layout andrepparttar 143276 images are already prepared and I only need to flow inrepparttar 143277 text - how hard could that be? I was sure that a simple Copy and Paste, or text importation, would do everything. This was my point of view when I initially began managing DTP projects in different languages.

Was I ever wrong! Through experience, I've discovered that foreign language typesetting can be very challenging - even when usingrepparttar 143278 right software and platform, or havingrepparttar 143279 help of a very experienced foreign typesetter. Through solvingrepparttar 143280 problems encountered inrepparttar 143281 process, I also developed a new appreciation for simple, "internationalized" designs that are much easier to "localize" than others. Many problems can be avoided ifrepparttar 143282 graphic designer keeps in mind thatrepparttar 143283 document may be later translated into other languages. Sometimes, an attractive and very professional design in English can be a nightmare for other languages.

Therefore, it is important for designers, orrepparttar 143284 DTP persons who createrepparttar 143285 original layout, to be aware and considerate of a few simple guidelines and rules when designing documents intended for translation.

•Keeprepparttar 143286 design as light as possible. High quality photos and images add a great deal of visual interest to a design. But a heavy load of images in one document can present challenges inrepparttar 143287 foreign language typesetting process. Images that are hundreds of MB in size take time to transfer. Keep in mind that Internet bandwidth could be significantly lower in some countries, and you don't want your foreign language typesetter to spend hours to download only one picture.

•Leave plenty of white space. Non-English languages can, on average, take up 30% more space than English. If enough space has not been allotted,repparttar 143288 foreign typesetter will be forced to reducerepparttar 143289 font size, or change character and line spacing. Also, new pages may even need to be added. Asrepparttar 143290 text will be longer and flow differently, it's possible that some images will also have to be repositioned andrepparttar 143291 entire document will look a little bit different.

•Use style sheets. Not only will this make your work easier and more consistent, it will also helprepparttar 143292 foreign typesetter.

•Try to use fonts that support foreign characters. Some ofrepparttar 143293 fancy font families do not have evenrepparttar 143294 most common French or Spanish accents, let alone East European languages, or others.

•Finalize your design before sendingrepparttar 143295 files for translation and typesetting. For languages like Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and many others,repparttar 143296 foreign typesetter will most likely use a localized version of your software. You'll not be able to openrepparttar 143297 returned files to insert changes.

Create dvd slide shows for any occasion!

Written by Lookaa

Wondering how to surprise your wife for her birthday or your anniversary?

How does a DVD multimedia presentation of all of her favorite photos,complete with a musical background sound?

Withrepparttar help of Photo2DVD Studio(,I have prepared many as presents for various occasions andrepparttar 142291 reactions I get from people are priceless.

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