Designing and deploying human centric processes

Written by Lucas Rodríguez Cervera

Suggestions for success in human-centric process reengineering projects, by applying best practices in knowledge intensive environments.

A lot of effort has been carried out inrepparttar last years to re engineer processes in order to automate all or parts of them. A great number of companies have changed their processes as a result ofrepparttar 148163 introduction of new software systems, aimed to streamlinerepparttar 148164 management ofrepparttar 148165 back and front office. Companies have even taken care of processes crossingrepparttar 148166 company boundaries in order to optimize communications with clients, providers and partners. A characteristic of this interest is that is has been driven by technology.

Inrepparttar 148167 last years we have seenrepparttar 148168 introduction of ERP and CRM systems, Content and Document Management systems, Workflow Automation Applications, etc... that have (or hopefully will) help companies achieve a more efficient use of their resources. It seemed that CIOs believed that an impressive IT portfolio would directly result in better processes.

However less interest has been directed atrepparttar 148169 human side of process optimization. A lot of money is spent on paying a team from a world class consultancy firm, best of breed software products licenses, etc... and it is usual thatrepparttar 148170 importance of deployingrepparttar 148171 new processes effectively is underestimated. Designing and documenting enhanced processes does not create value forrepparttar 148172 company. It is only when these new processes are carried out inrepparttar 148173 real world that value is created.

If we userepparttar 148174 popular metaphor that compares a business with an orchestra, you can haverepparttar 148175 best musicians (employees) playingrepparttar 148176 best instruments (software systems) withrepparttar 148177 music scores (processes) in order. Value appears when they start playing together in a coordinated manner.

The objective of most Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects is to increaserepparttar 148178 quality of products and services produced, to lower costs, to reduce development time, to increase client satisfaction, etc... Atrepparttar 148179 bottom line what you need to achieve is that people work in a new and more efficient way.

The success of a BPR effort, specially when process are carried out by people, is therefore highly dependent on people's understanding ofrepparttar 148180 following concepts:

"Who does what, how, when and where"

Who. The person in charge of each task inrepparttar 148181 process must be clear. It must be clear who is accountable for each activity.

What. The characteristics thatrepparttar 148182 output ofrepparttar 148183 activity must conform to. The value it adds torepparttar 148184 process object.

Market Makers play a significant role in Reverse Mergers.

Written by Joseph Quinones

Market Makers play a significant role in Reverse mergers.

One overlooked individual inrepparttar process of taking a company public through reverse merger isrepparttar 148162 market maker. The market marker is critical especially ifrepparttar 148163 company is going to be listed on OTC Bulletin Board orrepparttar 148164 NQB. Pink sheets.

Oncerepparttar 148165 private company has decided to go public and has engage a consultant to advise management onrepparttar 148166 best way to proceed. And a determination has been made to do a reverse merger.

The first step is to identify an available corporate shell to purchase and performrepparttar 148167 due diligence onrepparttar 148168 shell. The company decides to purchaserepparttar 148169 shell and proceeds withrepparttar 148170 reverse merger. The required Securities and Exchange Commission filing must be done.

The Securities and Exchange Commission upon reviewingrepparttar 148171 document and findingrepparttar 148172 document to be in order will approverepparttar 148173 company’s filing.

Nowrepparttar 148174 consultant will recommend a market maker to sponsorrepparttar 148175 company with NASDAQ’s Small Cap Market, OTC Bulletin Board or NQB Pink sheets. This is accomplished by filing form 15c211.

The broker dealer may not publish a quotation for any securities unless certain information concerningrepparttar 148176 issuer is available andrepparttar 148177 broker or dealer has a reasonable basis for believing thatrepparttar 148178 information is accurate.

Some of those of those Securities and Exchange commission requirement are satisfied if:

(1) Securities Act registration statement (F-6, F-1) has been filed within 90 days.

(2) The issuer is complying withrepparttar 148179 filing requirements andrepparttar 148180 broker dealer has in its recordsrepparttar 148181 issuer’s most recent annual report.

(3) The issuer is complying with rule 12g3-2(b)

(4) The broker dealer has on record information relating torepparttar 148182 issuer, its securities, its business, products and facilities, management and financial statements and certain other require information.

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