Designing a Good Lighting Plan

Written by Paul Forte

You are doing a remodel and know that you want to add some lighting torepparttar room, but your stumped. Where do I start isrepparttar 100029 most common question I get asked. There are some basic guidelines and factors that can help you determine where to start and how to proceed.

First let's takerepparttar 100030 room and it's needs. Different rooms require different lighting solutions. Rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, dens and basements can be properly illuminated with a simple general lighting plan. In rooms up to about 12' x 12', one ceiling light that can hold bulbs that combined equal about 120 watts is sufficient. For a better and more evenly disbursed light, 4 recessed lights about 40" off each corner works wonderfully.

A living room or den may be a rectangle as opposed to a square. A room that is 15' x 12' would be more evenly lit with 6 recessed cans. In these rooms lighting can be supplemented with wall sconces and or table or floor lamps.

Kitchens and bathrooms require much more thought. In these rooms, where tasks are performed, it is important thatrepparttar 100031 lighting level be high enough to perform these tasks safely and comfortably. In a good kitchen lighting plan allrepparttar 100032 work areas will be well lit. Placingrepparttar 100033 cans so thatrepparttar 100034 centers line up directly aboverepparttar 100035 outside edge ofrepparttar 100036 cabinets isrepparttar 100037 best solution. This provides ample light and avoids shadows while working atrepparttar 100038 counters. Spacing in a kitchen is also very important. Keepingrepparttar 100039 recessed lights about 4 feet apart and no more than 5 feet, will assure you have even spread of light.

Whole House Water Filters

Written by Mandy Thomson

So you knowrepparttar benefits of purifying your drinking water and have already installed a filter for your kitchen tap. But what happens when you get thirsty upstairs andrepparttar 100028 closest water faucet is inrepparttar 100029 bathroom? This is where a whole house water filter system will benefit you.

A whole house water filter produces purified water for all water sources in your house. Because it is a point-of-entry system, you will have purifed wter for every faucet, bathtub, even toilet in your home.

Using filtered water to flush toilets and wash dishes may seem like a waste at first glance. However, reducing household chlorine chlorine could play a crucial role inrepparttar 100030 well being of you and your family. The Environmental Protection Agency states "Every household in America, on municipally treated water, has an elevated level of chloroform gas inrepparttar 100031 area, specifically in showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and flushing toilets."

Chloroform is a poisoness byproduct of chlorine that may cause damage torepparttar 100032 nervous system and kidneys. Chlorine has also been linked to asthma. Several studies have linked chlorine inhalation from swimming or working in pools to severe asthma-like symptoms.

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