Designing A Successful Web Site

Written by Myron Curry

Before diving intorepparttar basics of good web site design, we should make sure we're all clear on one point. When we talk about web site design at Pacific Business Marketing, we're referring to structure, content and navigation, NOT "awesome" graphics or "cool" new programming languages

Design goals

Design considerations should take into accountrepparttar 134728 basic goals of any "for profit" web site, including:repparttar 134729 immediate impact a site makes on a paying customer -can a visitor immediately say "this site has what I'm looking for"repparttar 134730 speed with whichrepparttar 134731 customer can get torepparttar 134732 information they need onrepparttar 134733 products and services they are prepared to buy is navigation clear and simplerepparttar 134734 ease with which a customer can make a purchase and/or contactrepparttar 134735 web site owner to makerepparttar 134736 purchase - is information structured logically and canrepparttar 134737 visitor "click here" to buyrepparttar 134738 willingness ofrepparttar 134739 visitor to leave an e-mail address and request additional information, future contact or otherwise wish to stay in touch withrepparttar 134740 web site owner

At a minimum, ensure your new or existing web site accomplishesrepparttar 134741 following:

Banners Don't Have to Be Boring!

Written by Merle

It's very common to see a banner atrepparttar top of most webpages. Usually, they are 468X60 in size, which isrepparttar 134727 most popular format for banner advertising. But instead of pasting just one banner atrepparttar 134728 top of your page, how would you like to put eight or twelve in that spot? Incredible, you say? It can be done with what's known as a banner rotation script or service. Every time someone loads your webpage containingrepparttar 134729 code, they'll see a different banner appear in exactlyrepparttar 134730 same spot.

There several advantages to rotating banners:

1) It allowsrepparttar 134731 pages they're displayed on to "look different" every time someone loads a page, giving your site a more "fresh" appearance.

2) You can display a variety of baners without adding more bandwidth to your pages or taking up their precious real estate.

3) If you participate in a variety of Affiliate Programs where you make a commision on sales, now you can rotate those banners they give you and possibly make more money atrepparttar 134732 same time.

4) It's a known fact that after someone viewsrepparttar 134733 same banner over and over they'll become immune to it, thereby reducing click thru rates. With rotation, they're always fresh.

5) If you want to sell banner advertising on your site you'll need some sort of banner rotation script to track click thrus and impressions for your clients.

The advantages are clear, so where do you go to get a script like this? There are a number of websites that offer them for free. All you need to do is download them and tweak a few lines of CGI Code. Try some of these more popular sites:

Free Scripts

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