Designing A Life - We Each Get The Chance

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

The Enchanted Self is all about living and then telling and retellingrepparttar stories of our lives to getrepparttar 126262 most positive juice from them. This often means taking pain and misfortune and turning it into meaning and even eventually a metamorphosis of pleasure. One example of designing a fulfilling life comes to mind. This isrepparttar 126263 story of a part of our French cousin's life. A retired doctor living outside of Paris, Jean Manuel, has often told usrepparttar 126264 story of his years living hidden in a farmhouse in a French Province. When he was five, his parents were warned that they had to leave Paris. He vividly remembers how terribly upset his parents were. Somehow they found a farmer and his wife who agreed to take in as many ofrepparttar 126265 family members as could get there. His family and some cousins lived several years on this farm. Others chose not to leave Paris and were never heard of again.

Jean Manuel told us about how his family went back afterrepparttar 126266 war to look for their missing relatives, only to find possessions and an uneaten birthday cake celebratingrepparttar 126267 nephew's first birthday still onrepparttar 126268 table, at one of their cousin's homes. The family, however, was gone forever. He remembers his parent's despair, yet also how life resumed for all of them. He also shared with us how his father was once picked up byrepparttar 126269 French Police and loaded onto a train. Fortunatelyrepparttar 126270 train was moving slowly enough that his father could jump and escape, living for a while inrepparttar 126271 woods until he could return to his little family. One might at first wonder -- how could someone come to terms with so much loss and seeing his family go through so much pain? I don't know Jean Manuel terribly well but I have clearly seen a friendly, joyful person every time we've been together. I have a hunch of several ways he has processed this story of his life andrepparttar 126272 life of his family. I believe that one ofrepparttar 126273 major ways that he has processed his own life and turned it into a meaningful, joyful experience is by giving back. The farmer and his wife who took them in didn't have any children of their own. Jean Manuel and everyone else that had been hidden byrepparttar 126274 family never forgot them.

Enchantment in a 5 and 10-Cent Store

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

The other night as my mind was wandering, at perhaps 3:00 AM, I had a lovely encounter withrepparttar past. I was remembering some wanderings of late childhood. I was about ten or eleven andrepparttar 126261 magic journey was a bus that took me downtown Bridgeport.

The first part ofrepparttar 126262 magic journey was just waiting forrepparttar 126263 bus all by myself. I felt very grown-up and by today's standards I was! I would lockrepparttar 126264 house, put my key on a string around my neck, hide it, and walkrepparttar 126265 two blocks to wait byrepparttar 126266 telephone pole forrepparttar 126267 bus. Whenrepparttar 126268 public bus came I got on, said "Hello" torepparttar 126269 driver--who I recognized from lots of trips--paid and sat down. I always sat up front, liking to be near him, just in case I needed help. Then I would read. Usually I had a great book with me, maybe Little House onrepparttar 126270 Prairie or Nancy Drew. Whatever it was, time flew and before I knew it, I was stepping offrepparttar 126271 bus on Main Street.

The downtown streets of Bridgeport seemed so busy and crowded! I was not afraid though. I knew my destination. Inside of my pocket I clutched my few dollars and made straight for my enchanted castle. There it was--the 5 and 10-cent store in all of its glory! A perfect palace! I had a wonderful food counter with stools that swirled around if I was hungry. I could just hop up and order anything I wanted--an ice cream soda or a hamburger. I had a bathroom so I didn't need to feel desperate, and I had this whole glorious store to walk around. The endless aisles withrepparttar 126272 glass counters just full of items to touch and dream about! There was a make-up aisle and I could imagine ahead a few years. I loved to look atrepparttar 126273 colors of make-up and especiallyrepparttar 126274 lipsticks. How would I look all dolled up--beautiful, yes? Then there wasrepparttar 126275 pocketbook and wallet aisle. That was fun, andrepparttar 126276 candy aisle and even house-wares was interesting.

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