Designer Handbags - What Really Makes Them So Popular?

Written by Rufus Steele

There are many, many designer handbags available to own these days.

So what is it that makes one more famous or more popular thanrepparttar other? What factor above all else determines whether or not a range is going to be a winner or a huge flop?

Well, design quality certainly has to play a big part in it.

I mean, who's going to buy a bag that looks as though it's about to fall to pieces? Worse still, what if it looks as though it has fallen to pieces as it sits on display in your local store?

How will you be able to keep a straight face asrepparttar 135051 suitably reverent sales assistant dons her white cotton gloves before handlingrepparttar 135052 bag as though it wererepparttar 135053 winning lottery ticket -- (rare and highly valuable and more than likely to explode in your face than actually be real!)

Beyondrepparttar 135054 point of many handbag lovers thinking that a Hobo style bag meant it should look as though it's suitable only for a hobo to carry, build quality has to be good and durable to add credit torepparttar 135055 designers name and assurerepparttar 135056 buyer that they are getting real value for their hard earned dollars.

The looks ofrepparttar 135057 designer handbag also need to be right.

Withrepparttar 135058 huge number of different people looking to buy a designer handbag, there is always going to be a huge difference in opinions as to what looks good and what doesn't.

What others like as a design or style, you might think has been dragged backwards throughrepparttar 135059 proverbial hedge - having already been rejected by a pop art museum!

But it's this subjective link that gives each designer their strength! Their unique style and imagination can inspire people to pay a deposit to reserverepparttar 135060 latest creation before they've even seen a picture of it.

Lovers of a specific designer label can spend hours and days trying to track down each bag released under a specific design, range or label even.

Takerepparttar 135061 Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom range as an example.

Created by Takashi Murakami in conjunction with Marc Jacobs of LV, this range consisted of a retro handbag, a papillon and a pochette. Lovers of LV or Murakami would collectrepparttar 135062 "set". Asrepparttar 135063 Cherry Blossom range came in three color combos -- chocolate/pink, red/cream, pink/pink -- people would also look to buy each color set as well.

The power ofrepparttar 135064 design, coupled withrepparttar 135065 appeal ofrepparttar 135066 name, encouraged them to buy!

Why use Mineral Make-up without Bismuth Oxychloride?

Written by Aleta Wells

The use of Bismuth Oxychloride in almost all ofrepparttar best-selling mineral powder make-up today is unfortunate, becauserepparttar 135029 vast majority of acne and roseacea sufferers will use these products, and find that they also irritate and aggrevate their condition. This leads them to be let down, once again, by advertising claims of "good for all skin types". Atrepparttar 135030 time of this article, only two mineral powder companies leave off this harmful additive. "Belle Saison", at and "Mineral Secrets", at Ofrepparttar 135031 two,repparttar 135032 better value is Belle Saison's mineral powders. Why?, you ask? Well, they both are talc-free (an important

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