Designer Handbags - Can Men Buy Them?

Written by Rufus Steele

No, this isn't a question of should we men buy handbags for ourselves.

It's more a query of can we buy them for our wife or girlfriend? (I suspect that in some cases it may well be a question of can we buy them for our wife AND our girlfriend/mistress!)

Now -- I'll berepparttar first to admit then when it comes to handbag 'buyable' wives, I'm very lucky.

I can ask my long suffering wife an obviously loaded question such as "So what handbag would you most like to own?" and have her forgetrepparttar 135053 question and answer she gave within a matter of hours.

Looking through a magazine or catalog, idly flickingrepparttar 135054 pages and throwing in mild questions such as "Do you think that looks nice?" or "Wow -- wouldn't that go with your suede skirt?" are seen by her as nothing more than a passing question, asked in a moment of idle curiosity.

The fact thatrepparttar 135055 queried item then appears for her birthday or mothers day or at Xmas is still a huge surprise to her, causing her to question how I knew she'd like that particular style/color etc.

I've also managed, after 23 years together and quite a few coaching sessions that I'm sure I wasn't even aware of, to be able to see for myself exactlyrepparttar 135056 type of thing she'd like. I can even boast modestly that my wife will ask me what I think about a particular piece of clothing and actually consider my answer before buying or not buying, assured as she is that I will reply honestly and with love and kindness. (Althoughrepparttar 135057 joke question occasionally thrown in is always "Does my bum look big in this" to whichrepparttar 135058 standard joke answer is "Do I look stupid?")

So I can -- within reason -- look at something inrepparttar 135059 designer handbag lines and think to myself "Yes, she'd like that" and actually be right.

But apparently - some store assistants don't agree with me on that scale.

I recently went torepparttar 135060 LV store in Selfridges, Bond Street of London to buy my wife a Xmas present. I had gone in with a mind to buy her a Papillon 26 but, as ever, was open torepparttar 135061 power of seeing and deciding as opposed to deciding before seeing.

It isn'trepparttar 135062 largest store by far, being more of a concession stand size, situated just insiderepparttar 135063 main doors atrepparttar 135064 west ofrepparttar 135065 main building. More than 15 people in there andrepparttar 135066 cat knows it safe from being swung, you'd never get it over your head to start with!

Being as how I was going in during a snatched lunch hour between meetings, I was dressed in what would be described as City Worker style, i.e. short hair, smart dark suit, shirt and tie.

Now I do fully understand that, inrepparttar 135067 pecking order of who gets served in a designer handbag shop fastest, I rank fairly close torepparttar 135068 bottom ofrepparttar 135069 ladder, if not beingrepparttar 135070 one who actually holdsrepparttar 135071 ladder for others to climb!

I was quite prepared forrepparttar 135072 looks of curiosity fromrepparttar 135073 female customers and evenrepparttar 135074 odd stiletto onrepparttar 135075 instep inrepparttar 135076 fight to get torepparttar 135077 counter. I wasn't prepared, however, for a store with only 7 people in it -- me, two other customers, three members of staff and a security guard.

Taking this surprising amount of space to be a good omen I decided to have a little stroll roundrepparttar 135078 store, left to right, starting withrepparttar 135079 Damier items and finishing withrepparttar 135080 most anticipated area,repparttar 135081 Multicolore andrepparttar 135082 Suhali ranges.

The stroll and look went exactly according to plan, a few ideas springing to mind as I took a leisurely wander pastrepparttar 135083 shelves of rich, leathery smelling prizes.

I would have half expected a member of staff to gently enquire if they could help but wasn't to phased to be left on my own. In reality it was quite a treat not to be pounced on! (I have terrible trouble when I go into any store and I'm leapt on by an over eager staff member leaping out from behind their hiding place,repparttar 135084 war cry of "Can i help you?" finished before they even land in front of me. All I ever want to say to them is a disgruntled "yeah, you look round and I'll wait here!")

Designer Handbags - So Which Is The Best Material?

Written by Rufus Steele

Withrepparttar huge number of different types of designer handbags available to choose from, how do you know which material you want it to be made from?

To a certain degree, it depends on what you wantrepparttar 135052 handbag to do.

Do you want it to compliment an outfit? Do you want it to liven things up a little bit (or a lot) or do you just want it to be durable and long lasting?

The most common material for designer handbags these days is leather.

Strong, highly durable and incredibly tough, leather is a perfect choice for a material.

Bearing in mind that leather also comes in a variety of different types such as cowhide, goatskin, natural, man made etc, there will always be one out there that "feels" right in your hands.

Strong and thick leather will weather well, able to shrug off raindrops and small marks and spills (dependent onrepparttar 135053 protective coatings and coloring) and will not rip or shred after repeated putting down and picking up off rough floors.

Suede also runs a close second torepparttar 135054 leather lines, having many ofrepparttar 135055 same strength and durability properties of leather. Less designer handbags are made from suede as it is a harder material to design a color or style for - although Coach specifically do a great range of colors and styles in suede handbags!

But what if you want to glam up an outfit or go for something beyondrepparttar 135056 traditional materials of leather, suede, canvas and nylon mix?

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