Designer Handbags -- Why Not Buy a Fake and Save Money?

Written by Rufus Steele

Ooh, topical question!

I supposerepparttar best way to answer this question is by asking one in return!

If you bought a fake for any reason except forrepparttar 135919 price difference -- what do you expect to get fromrepparttar 135920 deal?

Would you buy a fake for any other reason than price?

Thinking honestly -- I can't think of any reason other than 'making a saving' for buying a fake bag.

After all, surely one ofrepparttar 135921 biggest problems with buying a fake bag isrepparttar 135922 knowledge that it won't be made ofrepparttar 135923 same quality material or build? If it doesn't fall apart withinrepparttar 135924 first 4 -- 6 weeks, then you're lucky. I'd be awfully surprised to find your luck extending much beyond two to three months at most.

Even ifrepparttar 135925 bag doesn't literally fall to pieces,repparttar 135926 appearance of it will change hugely. Edges will fray and tear, stitches will pull and shred andrepparttar 135927 general appearance ofrepparttar 135928 bag will dull,repparttar 135929 leather losing it's rigidity and ability to holdrepparttar 135930 shape it's supposed to!

Sorepparttar 135931 bag that you bought for $150 as opposed to $600 has given you about three to four months use before it is starting to look embarassing, quite frankly!

Now, maybe you could buy three ofrepparttar 135932 same bag, save $150 and have something you wouldn't feel to ashamed to be seen with for up to a year. Just binrepparttar 135933 old ruined one, change your bag for a new one each quarter and you're away.

But that sort of puts you ontorepparttar 135934 timescale whererepparttar 135935 authentic designer handbag is just starting to be broken in.

Designer Handbags - SHould We Trust The Sales Assistants?

Written by Rufus Steele

Readers of one of my previoius articles might well think thatrepparttar answer to this question will be a categorical NO, based on my "Designer Handbags -- Can Men Buy Them" article.

In it I describedrepparttar 135918 experience I recently had in an LV store whererepparttar 135919 staff were not exacxtly falling over themselves to serve me, a mere male in a handbag store.

But my answer would have to be a carefully restrained -- Maybe!

Nowrepparttar 135920 direct, and indirect, knowledge that I use forrepparttar 135921 answer to this question is pulled purely from experiences and tales recounted by others involving Louis Vuitton stores. I cannot say for certain whether or not it applies to other designer labels -- although I strongly suspect it will do!

Now at one time, store managers and assistants were held inrepparttar 135922 same revered light that doctors enjoyed. What they said or reported was seen as gospel, never to be questioned, let alone doubted.

But doctors are only human, bless 'em. They, like us, make mistakes and errors in judgement. (Withrepparttar 135923 hours some of them have to work I'm not inrepparttar 135924 least little bit surprised!)

Inrepparttar 135925 olden days, when a doctor advised that little Johny was suffering nothing more than a slight fever and should be fed aspirin every fours hours until he perked up, no thought of questioningrepparttar 135926 diagnosis would occur to mom and dad -- even though they could see little Johny's leg was bent forwards 90 degrees atrepparttar 135927 knee and he kept fainting every time someone coughed near it!

It used to be like that inrepparttar 135928 stores as well.

"Good Morning Modom, may I help you?"

"Yes please, may I seerepparttar 135929 new Hyanuki Messenger Bag please?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry Modom, that bag hasn't been released yet! Well, it certainly wasn't before I went on my holiday, anyway."

"Erm, isn't itrepparttar 135930 one onrepparttar 135931 shelves over there? The stack of three of them withrepparttar 135932 sign onrepparttar 135933 front saying 'Hyanuki Messnger Bag'?"

"No Modom, certainly not! It can't be or else I would have been told about it!"

Now, staff inrepparttar 135934 LV stores are never allowed to give out written authenticity statements for any bags! Any at all.

If you like -- test me on this!

Go into one of their stores and buy a bag there and then. As soon as you've been handed your receipt, try asking for a note fromrepparttar 135935 sales assistant or manager, affirmingrepparttar 135936 fact that this bag is an authentic item!

They'll politely decline! (They'll also probably look at you as though you're totally bonkers, but don't worry about that, there are plenty more stores to go and buy from!)

Not because they don't doubtrepparttar 135937 authenticty -- but because they aren't allowed to by company rules.

I used to think that this was because they would never be sure thatrepparttar 135938 letter or note of authenticity wouldn't then be copied or used to give a fake bag an incorrect "value", make it appear genuine and authentic.

Now, I'm sure that a large element of that reason still remains. However, I think it is also tempered by another reason, one which should concern anyone seeking an accurrate assesment of their bags.

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