Design web album and deployment using Adobe and Macromedia- Part 1

Written by Robert Kennedy

Here's my mission: Completely install a customer example photo gallery found here The basic process starts from Adobe Illustrator CS or Corel Draw 12. This isrepparttar format we save all our customer's work. There are aprrox. 300 files I need to access, export and create a fully navigatable photo album.

Here's how I did it. Instead of opening each file in its native program I tried opening CDR and AI files in Adobe Photoshop. Guess what? It works withrepparttar 126381 ai files but notrepparttar 126382 cdr files. Why is this important? Because 90% of my files are in ai format! Illustrator only allows you to open 1 file at a time, Photoshop allows you to open as many as your computer's resources can handle. Atrepparttar 126383 same time Photoshop converts each vector based image to a bitmap, which is required forrepparttar 126384 web. Now, you could create a course of 'actions' to complete this more efficiently, but I want to remove or retouch some undesirable from each image. I am a 'perfectionist' so I want these images looken good AND loading fast forrepparttar 126385 web. Personally I find Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks offerrepparttar 126386 best export filters forrepparttar 126387 web.

So now I have 300 images looken good, properly cropped and

Simple Graphic Design

Written by Robert Kennedy


Sound like a familiar story?

So you've got a great concept or idea but you just can't seem to get it down. You have been working on your computer for hours, days, weeks but just can't seem to accomplish anything concrete.

STOP. Think about it! How can you realistically create an effective graphic design if you don't know what you are trying to create? Take a breather and think about what I am about to suggest to you. Let’s suppose for a minute you want to open an importing company that will sell ‘Red Shoes from China’. Fire up your browser and Google this term. Learn what you can about manufacturers, distributors and competition. Now you have something to go on. Try to quickly digest and figure out how you can make all of this information work for you.

Now let’s start to design your company’s corporate ID. I know you really want to get critical design project completed now, but a wise man once said to me ‘Slow down you’ll go faster’ here are a few links worth checking out before we begin your design: Learn about color and how it affects your mood: Color Mood Test, Spot Color and CMYK: Pantone in RGB and html:

OK, now you have a mental picture in your mind, look, feel, type paper you want to print on. What colors shall I use? What typography (fonts) should I go with? What graphic message am I trying to communicate? These arerepparttar basic questions you need to address before you can begin your graphic design.

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