Design Direct Mail Postcards Back-to-Front to Boost Response Rates

Written by Alan Sharpe

Conventional wisdom says thatrepparttar front of a direct mail postcard is forrepparttar 151194 picture andrepparttar 151195 back is forrepparttar 151196 address, stamp and a short message.

But some savvy direct marketers design their postcardsrepparttar 151197 other way around—and boost response rates as a result.

The goal ofrepparttar 151198 front ofrepparttar 151199 postcard is to grab attention long enough to arouse curiosity and motivate your prospect to turnrepparttar 151200 card over and continue reading. But postcards are usually delivered withrepparttar 151201 back ofrepparttar 151202 postcard showing, notrepparttar 151203 front. Check today’s mail. You’ll notice thatrepparttar 151204 letter carrier delivered your mail withrepparttar 151205 address facing up (unless it fell through your mail slot in a random pile).

The letter carrier readsrepparttar 151206 name and address for each piece of mail and, without turning them over, places them in your mail box. That means thatrepparttar 151207 first thing your prospect sees of your postcard isrepparttar 151208 back, notrepparttar 151209 front. And you can take advantage of this fact.

How to Write a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter (Four Tips)

Written by Alan Sharpe

1. Address your reader as a friend, not as “Friend.”
When wasrepparttar last time you received a letter from someone dear to you, addressing you as “Dear Friend?” Never, right? The days ofrepparttar 150944 Dear Friend letter are dead. I heard recently of a chairman ofrepparttar 150945 board of a national charity who has given his charity millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of his time, yet he still receives fundraising appeals from this charity addressing him as “Dear Friend.” Ouch.

2. Arrest attention with an opening that resonates with your donors.
Assume your reader is standing over a trash can with a stack of today’s mail, readingrepparttar 150946 opening sentence of each letter before deciding its fate. You have only a few seconds to grabrepparttar 150947 reader’s interest. So make it a zinger. Here are two openings forrepparttar 150948 same non-profit. Which one grabs your attention and makes you want to read on?

Opening 1: “I am writing to you to ask if you would like to support a low-income housing building project in your neighbourhood.”

Opening 2: “If I invited you to walk over to your neighbour’s house with a bundle of roof shingles under your arm as a gift, what would you do?”

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