DesignSmarts: Got Flash? If Not, Your Online Business Could Be Suffering!

Written by Colin Eyo

As a Worldprofit designer, I find myself surfingrepparttar web in my spare time to keep up withrepparttar 134707 latest andrepparttar 134708 greatest onrepparttar 134709 World Wide Web. One thing in particular that I like to keep my eye on is FLASH. This medium is one ofrepparttar 134710 most powerful marketing toolsrepparttar 134711 web has ever seen. After reviewing several sites with flash intros, I noticed that in some there was a reoccurring statement that puzzled me. In one form or another, these intros were trying to conveyrepparttar 134712 message "Flash isrepparttar 134713 Future of Web Design". To me, this statement couldn't be further fromrepparttar 134714 truth.

Flash is notrepparttar 134715 future of web design, it'srepparttar 134716 present! It's been here for years, and your online business could be suffering if you don't take advantage of it right now! Here's why:

1. Flash Grabs People's Attention and Keeps It!

Flash is not just letters dancing around on a computer screen. The combination of sound, graphics and animation evokes an emotional response from your audience. It allows you to connect with your prospects in a way regular web sites can't compete with. It generates excitement and produces a memorable experience for your viewers. Remember,repparttar 134717 more memorable your site is,repparttar 134718 more people are going to hear about it, resulting in more traffic, more leads and more sales!

Don't just take my word for it. See for yourself at and

Now imagine your product or service being promoted with Flash. The possibilities are endless.

2. Flash Does Not Limit Your Audience!

We all dream of having a site that has rich beautiful graphics and images. There's just one problem, they take forever to download. Will people with slower connections be able to experiencerepparttar 134719 Flash on your web site? In a word, YES! Flash was originally developed to create low bandwidth, full multimedia experiences for all Internet users. What does this mean for you? Having Flash on your web site does not limitrepparttar 134720 number of people who can experience it. Flash isrepparttar 134721 best way to add pizzazz to your web site without limiting your audience, which is important, as not all web users haverepparttar 134722 luxury of a cable connection or better.

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