Deserted Island Top 10 – A Professional Virtual Assistant Shares Her “Must Haves”

Written by Lori Davis

Back inrepparttar day, when I was Lori “Computer Babe” Davis, I managed Microsoft and Novell LANs and WANs. I was constantly surrounded by high-level technologies and loved it! These days, my home office is on a much smaller scale and yet, I fully employ technology to make me happy and to make my life easier.

Submitted for your reading pleasure are Lori’s Top 10 I’m Trapped on a Deserted Island and I Do Have Electricity Must Haves. **

Microsoft Outlook

I L-O-V-E Outlook – one ofrepparttar 137020 most important secrets of my success. I’m usingrepparttar 137021 2002 version while I contemplaterepparttar 137022 2003 upgrade.

Outlook gives me allrepparttar 137023 tools I need andrepparttar 137024 three features I use most are e-mail, calendar and tasks. I manage e-mail accounts for numerous clients and Outlook makes it easy to setup and manage new accounts. In addition, Microsoft’s Signature facility is superb.

I use a third-party tool (see below) to help me manage calendars for my clients. Imagine havingrepparttar 137025 ability to manage a client’s calendar who’s three time zones away. Trust me, it can be done!

Outlook’s Tasks folder helps me everyday, letting me know what’s due for that day and what I need to focus on inrepparttar 137026 future.

I use Outlook to manage my professional and personal lives, andrepparttar 137027 schedules for my clients.

Tools forrepparttar 137028 Home Team

Holy remote access, campers! 4Team has a great offering of products ( that let you share Outlook with your clients.

I use Calendar4Outlook for a number of my clients and they’re amazed, and pleased, withrepparttar 137029 software’s functionality. Calendar updates are sent via e-mail and are applied automatically. No “click here to update” hassles. I seerepparttar 137030 client’s Calendar in real-time and book their appointments without having to call them to verify their schedule.

Invaluable tools which I encourage you to demo.

Believerepparttar 137031 Skype Hype

Skype’s tagline says it all, “Skype is free Internet telephony that just works.” Checkout their site at Skype is free (cool), easy to setup and even easier to use. Skype is internet telephony and an instant messaging package all in one.

I used Skype last year when I was recruiting Santas forrepparttar 137032 Desktop Santa project. I interviewed hundreds of Santas, some of whom were located in Canada andrepparttar 137033 United Kingdom. Could you imagine my phone bill if I had used a conventional telephone service to callrepparttar 137034 U.K. and Canada? I can and it’s a bill I’m not willing to pay! I used Skype to stay in touch with my Santas who were outside of CONUS (the continental United States).

If you’d like to test Skype, I’m more than happy to help! Feel free to contact me and we’ll test Skype together.

The Tank

I snub my nose at today’s keyboards -- they’re too small and they have no bounce-back. I’m sure there’s a technical term for “bounce-back,” I just don’t know what it is!

Torepparttar 137035 rescue comes my IBM keyboard, which I affectionately refer to as The Tank. The Tank is 20” wide, 8.5” in depth and jet black. The Tank is hefty -- I estimate it weighs approximately 10 pounds. The Tank’s claim to fame is that perfect bounce-back and tactile feel ofrepparttar 137036 keys. I type very fast (120 WPM) and The Tank allows me maintain a fast typing speed.


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