Depression Glass Companies

Written by Murray Hughes

Depression Glass Companies

Just beforerepparttar advent ofrepparttar 144387 Great Depression, more than a hundred companies manufactured glassware inrepparttar 144388 United States. Atrepparttar 144389 end ofrepparttar 144390 Depression, fewer than fifty percent of these companies remained in business. Of these companies, seven became major players inrepparttar 144391 production of Depression glass, and these seven companies utilized a little more than 90 patterns to decorate their wares. Indiana Glass, Hocking, Federal, U.S. Glass, Jeanette Glass, MacBeth-Evans, and Hazel-Atlas manufactured hundreds of thousands of pieces of this popular and inexpensive glass, creating a bright spot inrepparttar 144392 lives of everyday, working-class people during a grim epoch of American history.

Before Depression glass came along, colored and patterned glass existed, but only forrepparttar 144393 wealthy. Becauserepparttar 144394 beautifully hued and intricately designed glassware ofrepparttar 144395 times was hand-blown, andrepparttar 144396 cost of manufacturing such pieces proved prohibitive for most people, this type of glass was simply out of reach for many households. However, withrepparttar 144397 invention of mass-produced, machine-pressed glassware that produced colors and patterns – albeit ridden with flaws such as air bubbles and mold marks – a new versatility in glassware could be made available to households all over America. Because of this, evenrepparttar 144398 poorest families could now have cheerful pieces from which to serve their meals, hold sugar, salt, pepper, and other condiments, contain candy, and more – even to shake their martinis, if they could scrape uprepparttar 144399 money forrepparttar 144400 bathtub-made gin!

Adam, Cherry Blossom, Iris and Herringbone, Sierra (Pinwheel), and Windsor make up some ofrepparttar 144401 most popular and now-sought-after patterns produced byrepparttar 144402 Jeanette Glass Company from 1928 throughrepparttar 144403 1970s. From 1932 to 1942, Federal created such designs asrepparttar 144404 Sharon (Cabbage Rose), Rosemary (Dutch Rose), Madrid, and Columbia that fetch top-market prices today.

Comic Book Collecting, Oh what an Enjoyable Past Time it is!

Written by Dave Gieber

Have you ever read a comic book before? I imagine just about everyone, at some time in their life, has read at least one comic book. But do your interests and enjoyment level go beyond that? You may have said to yourself, at sometime or another, I would like to start a comic book collection some day. Heck, you may even have several comic books lying around that you have just never organized.

What do I do to start a comic book collection and what all do I need? Well, as I am sure you realize, you need to start with a passion. You have a passion, you say, but you don’t want to be labeled a “comic book geek” and remain alone in your enjoyment. Well, my suggestion to you is “Don’t Sweatrepparttar Small Stuff” and believe me, you are not alone. You would be amazed atrepparttar 144326 multitudes of individuals who have a passion for comic books. And there are a plethora of related sites onrepparttar 144327 Web.

I couldn’t get enough of these colorful action-packed little devils when I was young. But like any supposedly responsible individual, I lay my passion aside when I got older and when to college and got a good job. Well inrepparttar 144328 last several months, I have rekindled that childhood passion and have spent a good share of my time researching and creating my own comic book website. And what a rush it has been reintroducing myself to myself. I am finding quite an avid interest in allrepparttar 144329 new comic book hero movies Hollywood is cranking out. I have even started my own comic book hero DVD collection. And this is big business, so I know there are throngs of people out there with my same interests and I hope to connect with many of them through my website.

I ran into a major thrillrepparttar 144330 other day glancing throughrepparttar 144331 want ads of my local newspaper. Lo and behold, someone was selling a comic book collection. A quick call and a meeting inrepparttar 144332 shopping mall parking lot and I wasrepparttar 144333 proud owner of 189 comic books kept in beautiful condition. And get this; it cost me $50.00 forrepparttar 144334 whole collection. I have as yet to determinerepparttar 144335 actual worth ofrepparttar 144336 collection, but it has got to be substantially more than what I paid for it. As time goes on, I will be organizing all of them in a spreadsheet and using my trusty copy ofrepparttar 144337 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide to determine my new collection’s total worth. As I do that, I will be reporting results on my website.

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