Dependence - The Key to Success!

Written by Gail Hornback

Whether you are just getting started doing business onrepparttar Internet, or are a seasoned professional, there is one aspect of Internet Business that will always stay atrepparttar 102092 top ofrepparttar 102093 "Essential Skills" list!


Let me show you how.

First of all, even if you ARE considered a pro in this industry, you'd better not get too comfortable with that title. The internet is growing and changing so quickly, that what you are an expert at today, may present you with a lot to learn tomorrow! So, essentially, newbies and old pros are sharing a level playing field. There will always be opportunity to learn something new.

The best way to go about learning is to depend on those who are ahead of you!!! Depend on a mentor! And, that works both ways! YOU will NEED to be willing to BE depended on AS a mentor also!

I know, you're already telling me how busy you are, and how inrepparttar 102094 world would you find time to be at someone's beck and call? The truth is:

***Time spent mentoring will berepparttar 102095 most valuable business investment you will ever make! ***

I have hadrepparttar 102096 great fortune of being mentored throughrepparttar 102097 maze of internet business by my good friend Michael Smith. Notice that I said, "Good Friend". That has beenrepparttar 102098 by-product ofrepparttar 102099 mentoring! And a valuable one to boot! It was he who contacted me with a suggestion for my site. I took him up onrepparttar 102100 suggestion, and his willingness to give help whenever I needed it was thrown in withrepparttar 102101 deal! What has become of my business (and his!) since then is incredible!

We now share a joint venture at YMTC ( I know Mike would agree - it has been a win-win situation. We are now dependent on each other in various ways. There have been business benefits for both of us.

One word of caution: A successful mentoring situation depends almost TOTALLY on honesty and integrity, As a mentor, you must develop a sense of trust between you and your mentoree. You MIGHT be able to do this on false pretenses and selfish motives for a short time. But it will come back to haunt you.

>Fromrepparttar 102102 standpoint ofrepparttar 102103 "mentoree", you must be careful, also. Make SURE you have enough information aboutrepparttar 102104 person who is teaching you to feel totally comfortable with what they are offering. Don't go into something lightly. If they are shooting straight with you, they won't have any problem with you checking out their credentials.

10 Simple Things To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET

Written by William B. Doyle

Recent events have shockedrepparttar world and left us feeling exposed and vulnerable. However, we can implement some simple techniques in our daily lives to make ourselves a "Hard Target" for terrorists (and criminals).

Terrorists = Criminals.

These easy steps will frustrate terrorists/criminals and make them seek other prey:

*** Keep a Low Profile ***

- Your dress, conduct and mannerisms should not attract attention.

- Make an effort to blend intorepparttar 102091 local environment. This is especially true when traveling.

- Avoid publicity and don't go out in large groups.

- Stay away from civil disturbances and demonstrations.

*** Be Unpredictable ***

- Vary your route to and from work andrepparttar 102092 time you leave and return home.

- Varyrepparttar 102093 way you dress.

- Don't exercise atrepparttar 102094 same time and place every day, never alone, on deserted streets, or country roads.

- Let people close to you know where you are going, what you'll be doing, and when you should be back.

*** Be Alert ***

- Watch for anything/anyone suspicious or out of place. This includes vehicles, delivery vans, etc. parked in your neighborhood.

- Don't give personal information overrepparttar 102095 telephone, via email, chat rooms, on your website, etc. Don't just throw away periodicals, billing statements, etc. that contain your name, address, account numbers, etc. - shred/destroyrepparttar 102096 address label or page where such information appears.

- If you think you are being followed, go to a pre- selected secure area (local police station, well lighted public place, etc.).

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