Dendrobium Orchid Care

Written by Robert Roy

Dendrobium Care from: This month I am focusing our attention torepparttar care of Dendrobiums. These are one ofrepparttar 113325 most popular of retail orchid plants. They are a true epiphyte or air plant. There pseudopods can gather and hold water very efficiently. Generally there will be a hybrid phalaenopsis and dendrobium, commonly known as Dtps. Potting This needs only to be done every two to three years and it should be with a porous, free draining media. This may be a combination of wood chips, small stone and and pieces of styrofoam peanuts. This will allowrepparttar 113326 draining of water and fertilizer. Dendrobiums seem to grow best whenrepparttar 113327 pot is smaller thanrepparttar 113328 size ofrepparttar 113329 orchid plant. Lighting The dendrobium orchids require about 50% sun or bright light. They will do well in an east or west window as well as a shaded south window. They also do well under 4 - 40 watt fluorescent lights directly overrepparttar 113330 plant. Temperature These plants need a difference in temperature betweenrepparttar 113331 night and day. Preferably this difference should be about 10 - 15 degrees. The night temps they like is 60-65 with days between 80 - 90.

How to Grow Ginger

Written by Linda Paquette

Asian and Mid-Eastern dishes often have a subtle and distinctive flavor that comes from spicingrepparttar dish atrepparttar 113324 end of cooking with fresh ginger root. As these dishes grow in popularity, many grocery produce departments stock this pleasingly pungent root for use in homemade dishes. Your favorite grocer’s produce department is alsorepparttar 113325 best place to find ginger root for growing.

What we call fresh ginger root is actuallyrepparttar 113326 rhizome ofrepparttar 113327 ginger (Zingiber officinale) plant. Choose a smooth, shiny root that has some buds beginning. These will look similar torepparttar 113328 eyes of a potato.

•A fun way to start a ginger plant is to suspend a two-inch piece ofrepparttar 113329 rhizome over a glass of water. Do this by poking a toothpick on either side ofrepparttar 113330 root. Fillrepparttar 113331 glass, submerging about one-third ofrepparttar 113332 ginger. When roots grow to about an inch long, plantrepparttar 113333 rhizome just belowrepparttar 113334 surface of a rich, moist potting mixture in a pot that has good drainage.

•Plant ginger in a pot for growing indoors or out! Using a rich potting mixture, choose a pot at least four timesrepparttar 113335 size of your ginger rhizome or plant it inrepparttar 113336 large pot that will be its permanent home on your patio, deck, or other outdoor garden area. Fillrepparttar 113337 pot three-quarters full of potting mixture; lay your rhizome flat on top and cover it with about an inch of soil. Keeprepparttar 113338 pot in a sunny location until sprouts appear, then move it to an area with good indirect light. Ginger won’t tolerate bright, direct light.

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