Democrats - Where to now?

Written by Gary R. Hess

The presidential election just passed and as everyone knows by now George W. will be spending another 4 years in White House as Commander of Chief ofrepparttar world. Err America. Not only that,repparttar 125940 Republicans gained seats in bothrepparttar 125941 House and Senate.

I have been thinking about this ever sincerepparttar 125942 election ended, but where exactly doesrepparttar 125943 Democratic Party go now? The Republicans went through a major change starting in 1964 to Present day making great strides, but what arerepparttar 125944 Democrats going to do about this recent trend of thinking amongstrepparttar 125945 American people?

One suggestion is thatrepparttar 125946 Democrats start broadeningrepparttar 125947 spectrum a little more and start pulling in more religious rural users by using "moral values" or at least touching lightly onrepparttar 125948 subject. As most liberal Democrats will agree, this is not something we as a party want to go through, it might help out more withrepparttar 125949 right wing, but definitely notrepparttar 125950 left.

Other suggestions include droppingrepparttar 125951 Gun Control agenda or simply start using more affective advertising attackingrepparttar 125952 other side.

I however believe one of these two should take place: 1) Makerepparttar 125953 party more liberals. This would help out onrepparttar 125954 libertarian vote as well asrepparttar 125955 more leftist groups like socialists andrepparttar 125956 Green party. Asrepparttar 125957 youth of America gets olderrepparttar 125958 Democratic Party needs to expand to include their views. The voting turnout was not as great as anticipated for this demographic, but ifrepparttar 125959 Democrats want to compete inrepparttar 125960 New Age they must start preparing now. 2) Less bashing, more conceitedness. Many will agree that Kerry spent too much time talking about why Bush was not meant to be President ofrepparttar 125961 United States, but what he didn't do very well was explain his views and what he will do to be a better president. Time and time again when asked why didn't you vote,repparttar 125962 response has been "I don't like Bush, but I don't know Kerry's views."

The New Age Movement

Written by Skye Thomas

What isrepparttar New Age Movement? It is similar to New Age Spirituality, but different enough to warrant its own definition. The New Age Movement is a belief thatrepparttar 125939 human race is all one. It is not about equality nor diversity. It isrepparttar 125940 idea that your gender, age, religion, race, nor sexual orientation makes you better or worse then anyone else. The New Age Movement is moving away fromrepparttar 125941 US against THEM mentality. It is inclusive, open, detached from labels, and above all else, it's based in love not fear.

At our deepest level, there are only two motivators - love and fear. Fear breeds hate, anger, vengeance, greed, violence, selfishness, and alienates us from truly connecting with spirit and with each other. Love breeds compassion, understanding, forgiveness, charity, gentleness, partnership, and a sense of connectedness with spirit and with each other. One can focus on either motivator and seerepparttar 125942 logic behind it. Should you choose to see lack, poverty, and attacks towards your fellow man, it's easy to become fearful. It is part ofrepparttar 125943 survival ofrepparttar 125944 fittest. Fight or flight saved many a caveman to live another day and to breed more like himself. One can also argue that to seerepparttar 125945 beauty and tenderness that humanity is known to share with each other that it is logical to love thy neighbor and to turnrepparttar 125946 other cheek. There will always be intelligent arguments for both sides. We as a species have evolved enough to make our own decisions as to which will govern us as individuals.

The New Age Movement proposes that as a collective people we are also able to make an educated enlightened decision as to whether we will be controlled by our fears or by our loves. Will we be a society of angry divided hateful individuals? Or will we be a global community of loving supportive people who honor each other's right to choose their own path? Like all political, religious, and social movements there are zealots and extremists amongrepparttar 125947 New Age Movement. Inrepparttar 125948 same way that all Christians are not white supremacists and all Pagans are not Satan worshippers, all New Agers are not aging hippies sitting around getting stoned and playing with crystals. Those who endorserepparttar 125949 New Age Movement are as diverse as any other group. Their one common belief is that love and true spirituality should lead us as a people, not fear and hatred of anything we deem as different from ourselves.

The New Age Movement embracesrepparttar 125950 teachings of Christ,repparttar 125951 teachings of Buddha,repparttar 125952 Native American teachings,repparttar 125953 ancient Celtic Pagan teachings, and modern science's latest findings and teachings. We are explorers trying to understand spirituality on a deeper nuts and bolts level. It is not enough to be told by our parents that one religion is right and all others are wrong. We have a desire to understand and to choose for ourselves what is or is not spiritual. The result is that many New Agers have found themselves holding an eclectic view of religion. Many Native Americans have blendedrepparttar 125954 teaching of Christ within their own beliefs. Many Pagans can see how much they have in common withrepparttar 125955 Native American beliefs. It is not unusual for Catholics to feel a deep connection torepparttar 125956 Buddhist teachings. Forgive me for omitting so many other religions and beliefs but I am simply giving broad examples forrepparttar 125957 sake of making a point. The New Age Movement was birthed from this exploration of each other's beliefs. How can we hate someone so much like ourselves?

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