Demand for Spam? It exists

Written by Alexandra Gamanenko

Do you like spam? No, I'm not kidding. Everybody knows what spam is, almost everybody seems to have learned by heart simple advice like "do not click ..." "do not respond..." , "do not buy..." but On March 23, 2005 Mirapoint andrepparttar Radicati Group, a consulting and market research firm, released preliminary results of their end-user survey on email hygiene. "This preliminary data is surprising and somewhat shocking to us," said Marcel Nienhuis, market analyst atrepparttar 105291 Radicati Group. The survey shows that some end users haven't learnedrepparttar 105292 lesson and still makerepparttar 105293 same blunders.

Blunder 1 -- clicking on embedded links within spam (not includingrepparttar 105294 unsubscribe link) -- 31% of respondents have done it at least once. The most dangerous mistake. Clicking on any embedded links in spam messages helps spammers determine ‘live' email accounts, which means more spam. What's worse, users can pick viruses, Trojans or other malicious code--just by clicking on embedded links. It may cause various problems, including loss of confidential information--identity theft, and loss of money from bank accounts as a result.

Users shouldn't forget about such threat as phishing. Not long ago, on February. 15, 2005, it wasrepparttar 105295 Radicati Group that pointed out --fraud and phishing types of email are one ofrepparttar 105296 fastest growing segments of spam. Inrepparttar 105297 first quarter of 2005repparttar 105298 Radicati Group expects fraudulent emails to reach 8% of all spam.

Grab Those Emails! – 11 Key Ways to Get Your Visitors to Hand Over Their Email Addresses

Written by Leah West

If you are trying to get an opt-in email list going for you website, you might be wondering where to start. The most important rule to understand is that you must persuade your website visitors to let you have their, oftentimes guarded and protected, email addresses.

Remember, a lot of people surfingrepparttar web these days are pretty internet savvy. They are aware of spam, hate spam and do not want spam in their inbox… ever. If they do not feel they are getting something out of joining your email list then they will leave your site without leaving you their info. Don’t let this happen to you!

Follow these 11 steps andrepparttar 105289 emails will start rolling in.

1. Have your visitors sign up to receive your free newsletter. Offer articles, tips and advice onrepparttar 105290 chosen topic.

2. Have them sign-up to get access to download a free ebook. The subject ofrepparttar 105291 ebook should be relevant to your target audience. Write an ebook or find one at an online ebook directory that you can give away.

3. You can give your visitors a free membership inside your member's only website. Give them their username and password via email.

4. Hold a free contest or sweepstakes. All they have to do is sign up to be entered.

5. Offer your visitors free consulting services or price quotes. Provide a form where they can ask you questions and submit their information.

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