Deliver Workshops and Promote Your Business

Written by June Campbell

Pssst! Want to make money while promoting your business? Deliver workshops or training events in your area of expertise, and you'll accomplish both. You'll also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

If you are afraid of public speaking, there's a work around. Engagerepparttar services of an experienced presenter or facilitator, and you act asrepparttar 124504 assistant. With practice, you'll overcome your anxiety and eventually you'll be comfortable going it alone.

Here's how you get started:

1. Decide what you want to teach, and to whom. i.e. if you have a bookkeeping business, you might decide to offer instruction in basic bookkeeping to new entrepreneurs. Whenrepparttar 124505 entrepreneurs decide it's time to contract out their bookkeeping, whose name will come to mind?

2. Decide whether your workshop is to be conference style or skill development style. In conference- style events,repparttar 124506 trainer stands atrepparttar 124507 front ofrepparttar 124508 room and speaks, using audio-visual or other props where appropriate. Participants learn what they can fromrepparttar 124509 performance and fromrepparttar 124510 distributed handouts. In skill development workshops, participants haverepparttar 124511 opportunity to practice and develop specific skills throughoutrepparttar 124512 course ofrepparttar 124513 event. If selectingrepparttar 124514 latter method, you will want to limitrepparttar 124515 number of participants since each will need personal attention duringrepparttar 124516 hands-on learning activities.

3. Next, create a preliminary outline of your workshop andrepparttar 124517 activities you will be incorporating. Decide: key points, skills that your participants will acquire, andrepparttar 124518 instructional method you will use to impart these skills.

4. Now, decide uponrepparttar 124519 ideal length of workshop, including breaks. Determine your workshop schedule. Will it be delivered overrepparttar 124520 course of a weekend? One evening a week for six weeks? Other?

5. Determinerepparttar 124521 type of venue that you will need. Consider seating space, building regulations, parking, restroom facilities, and plugins and power supply adequate for operating your equipment.


Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

If you are like most network marketers, your answer will be zero. This is not a good way to build your business.

The only way to build your business is to promote it to others. I see so many people who spend so much time getting ready to produce that they never get around to actually producing. They then become discouraged with their lack of success and start looking for an opportunity that might be more profitable. If you are one of these people, then I have some very sad news for you. There are no network marketing companies that will pay you for "getting ready" to produce. The only way for you to get a check is to actually produce, and this requires you making presentations.

Usually, those who spend a lot of time "getting ready" to produce are stalling. Simply put, they are afraid to make presentations, and they fear rejection. So, instead of making presentations, they spend all their time "getting ready."

What is your reason for not making presentations? If you can come up with a single answer to that question, you are making excuses. There are no reasons for you not to be making presentations.

Some might claim they don't have any leads. Your community does publish a phone book, doesn't it? You can get a list of members in any organization you might be a member of, like your church orrepparttar PTA, can't you? These are all leads! Why don't you call them? If you have no other leads, there is no reason whatsoever not to use these sources of leads and start making phone calls!

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