Defibrillator Recall

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In June of 2005 Guidant Corporation recalled cardiac defibrillators implanted in 50,000 patients aroundrepparttar world because of potentially fatal malfunctions. Inrepparttar 149424 United States there are approximately 38,000 patients with Guidant brand defibrillators which have failed 45 times and are responsible for at least two deaths since May 30th.

The recalled models are listed below:

VENTAK PRIZM 2 DR The problem withrepparttar 149425 Ventak Prizm 2 DRs is that they might undergo a manufacturer defect ofrepparttar 149426 wire insulator inrepparttar 149427 lead connection block. This defect can potentially cause a short circuit and preventrepparttar 149428 device for providing help atrepparttar 149429 time needed. There has already been one death related to this malfunction.

CONTAK RENEWAL The Contak Renewal devices also have a fatal manufacturing defect. The wire insulation used onrepparttar 149430 lead connector block has been known to deteriorate causing a short ciructui inrepparttar 149431 titanium case ofrepparttar 149432 device. There are about 15 failure so far, and one death so far.

VENETAK PRIZM AVT This device provides a trial therapy for those suffering from fatal heart problems. This device has a flaw in its memory system that can preventrepparttar 149433 defibrillator from deliveringrepparttar 149434 appropriate amount of therapy needed. This device has failed twice but there are no reported serious injuries or fatalities related to it. Still, patients are advised to report to their doctors to receive a necessary programming change.

Safer meat with rosemary

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ADDING a dash of rosemary extract to ground beef appears to reducerepparttar amount of cancer-causing compounds created duringrepparttar 149423 cooking process, according to new study findings.

The investigators found that when they added antioxidants extracted from rosemary to ground beef,repparttar 149424 hamburgers contained smaller amounts of heterocyclic amines, or HCAs, carcinogenic compounds that form when muscle meats like beef, pork and poultry are cooked at high temperatures.

Study author

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