Dedicated Web Hosting : The Executive Summary

Written by Rodel Garcia

What is Dedicated Web Hosting? Dedicated web hosting can alleviaterepparttar need to share hardware or software with any other sites or web pages. Webmasters are givenrepparttar 105950 autonomy to decide on applications that are installed onrepparttar 105951 server to create specific configurations for their web needs, and haverepparttar 105952 ability to provide a secure environment for their site. As compared to a shared-server environment, dedicated web hosting offers a peace of mind that a site will be delivered in a reliable and secure manner.

There are major benefits of dedicated web hosting, as discussed below. However,repparttar 105953 major disadvantage, cost, is quickly being overcome. Because of continual growth inrepparttar 105954 dedicated web hosting industry,repparttar 105955 rates for dedicated server plans are rapidly declining. A competitive environment drives uprepparttar 105956 level of service and decreases cost. This reduction is powered by an increase in small and medium-sized businesses gaining an online presence andrepparttar 105957 rapid proliferation of web hosting providers.

Advantages: Dedicated server hosting is favorable because of 2 major assets: control and reliability.

Since a dedicated web administrator has more control over a dedicated server, it tends to be more secure, compared to a shared web server. By knowing what exactly is installed on a dedicated server through full root access, a system administrator is able to confidently make decisions onrepparttar 105958 software and application updates necessary to maintainrepparttar 105959 dedicated web server and keep it running in its most optimal configuration.

Increased reliability is another major asset of dedicated server web hosting, as a server administrator hasrepparttar 105960 self-sufficiency to optimize page loads by tweaking variables such as page load speed and general server resource allocation. This server reliability translates to customer satisfaction and an increase inrepparttar 105961 bottom line goals of a web siteís presence.

Disadvantages: Whilerepparttar 105962 benefits of dedicated web server hosting is apparent,repparttar 105963 bottom line consideration, especially for business purposes is cost. Dedicated web hosting is significantly more expensive compared to shared or virtual web hosting, and until recently, could most commonly be quoted at several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month. Although cost may still be exorbitant, most businesses are able to justifyrepparttar 105964 use of dedicated servers through a true web analysis to weighrepparttar 105965 resources necessary to run applications and code. Another drawback isrepparttar 105966 need to be able to monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs, add sites, deal with potential hacks, and troubleshoot systems. Therefore,repparttar 105967 necessary system administration skills, if one does not possess them, may definitely inhibitrepparttar 105968 successful implementation of a web site hosted on a dedicated web server.

Benefits: The direct benefits of a dedicated web hosting plan surroundrepparttar 105969 ability to totally administer a web server. The advantage to be able to effectively maintain a dedicated server lies in oneís ability to controlrepparttar 105970 variables associated with reliability and stability. In a dedicated environment, server overload, malicious scripts from other users, and too many installed applications are variables which can be controlled, as compared to this loss of management in shared server hosting.

Furthermore, a dedicated server allows one to only install applications or software that applies torepparttar 105971 major hosting goal at hand. Conversely, shared web hosting has installed software that may or may not be related torepparttar 105972 web hosting goals.

Reliance onrepparttar 105973 web host repair services and time delays of platform repairs can be minimized, as one may intervene and provide solutions to existing problems with dedicated web hosting. Havingrepparttar 105974 option to add patches, upgrade software, or tweak performance is invaluable and allowsrepparttar 105975 dedicated server administrator to work with 24 hour access to perform adjustments, corrections, or updates.

Lastly, speed of downloads can be determined throughrepparttar 105976 amount of bandwidth that is dedicated to just your website. Statistically, visitors will quickly leave a site ifrepparttar 105977 load time was long. Dedicated servers allow quick delivery of web pages, which increasesrepparttar 105978 probability of keeping web site visitors on a site that may convert them to paying customers. Furthermore, quick loading pages enhancerepparttar 105979 companyís image and may encourage existing customers to refer your web-based services to others. What isrepparttar 105980 best application of a dedicated web hosting service provider? Utility of a dedicated server environment is best suited to those with a working knowledge of server operating systems and those who donít mind troubleshooting problems which may arise.

SimpleNet Director of Marketing

Written by Bob Roth

The 10 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Web Host NOW!

So, youíre looking to build a web site or so fed up with your current web host that you are desperate to transfer your site elsewhere? You may not even be aware of your current hostís vulnerabilities in an industry where each week there is news about a host going down for one reason or another. Your first problem is narrowingrepparttar thousands of choices down to a few that you can research further. Seek friends or associates that have a web site and ask for their advice. Visit one ofrepparttar 105949 many forums about web hosting, askrepparttar 105950 members for advice or search threads from those that have asked before you. Once youíve located a few hosts to research,repparttar 105951 ten questions below will take you a long way towards making an informed decision. You may be able to find many ofrepparttar 105952 answers to these questions onrepparttar 105953 hostsí web sites, but always feel free to callrepparttar 105954 host and quiz them about their operations. The quality ofrepparttar 105955 answers and degree of professionalism you get from a potential host often transfers torepparttar 105956 type of support youíll receive once you become a customer. Without further ado,repparttar 105957 ten question to ask your web host:

1.How long hasrepparttar 105958 web host been in business? 2.Doesrepparttar 105959 web host own its data center? 3.How many upstream Internet providers doesrepparttar 105960 web host have? 4.Doesrepparttar 105961 web host monitor its customersí sites twenty-four hours per day? How? 5.Doesrepparttar 105962 web host provide 24/7/365 phone and email support? 6.What levels of redundancy doesrepparttar 105963 web hostís architecture provide? 7.Doesrepparttar 105964 web host automatically backup customer web sites in case of data loss? How often? 8.What isrepparttar 105965 web hostís billing policy? 9.Doesrepparttar 105966 web host providerepparttar 105967 features that you need for your web site? 10.Doesrepparttar 105968 web host haverepparttar 105969 products and services to handle your growth?

1. How long hasrepparttar 105970 web host been in business? The length of time that a host has been in business can be related to their ability to provide a quality, reliable product. If your host can satisfy its customers, then those customers are likely to stick withrepparttar 105971 hostís service. Therefore, stay in business. There are, of course, situations where this is not applicable or becomes a bit hazy. Be sure to also inquire about whether a host has recently been involved in a merger, acquired what was once a well-known brand name, or launched a new brand. If any of these apply, then delve deeper intorepparttar 105972 story behind what has happened and determine whether quality resources are still withrepparttar 105973 company. ēComplete a domain name ďwhoisĒ lookup onrepparttar 105974 web host: Type inrepparttar 105975 web hostís domain name and determine what yearrepparttar 105976 domain was registered. If only registered inrepparttar 105977 recent past, askrepparttar 105978 host about it. Ifrepparttar 105979 domain name was recently registered this is not necessarily a red flag. Simply inquire withrepparttar 105980 host about it. They may have recently launched an affinity-based brand to cater to your market. ēTyperepparttar 105981 hostís name into a search engine and check outrepparttar 105982 results that you get, other than those fromrepparttar 105983 host itself. You may run across reviews, interviews, or industry articles aboutrepparttar 105984 host.

2. Doesrepparttar 105985 web host own its data center? A data center isrepparttar 105986 foundation from which all products and services are built upon. If your host owns its own data center, then they are likely quite entrenched inrepparttar 105987 hosting business. They also have an experienced staff and knowledge base from which to draw from when supporting your web site and building new products. In other words, if a host owns its own facility, then it controls more ofrepparttar 105988 variables that can make or break your web presence.

3. How many upstream Internet providers doesrepparttar 105989 web host have? Your web site performance is not just a measure of your web server's speed. The ability of your web host to route traffic throughrepparttar 105990 cleanest Internet connections is also of great importance. It is crucial that your provider have multiple connections torepparttar 105991 Internet. Accidental fiber cuts in construction or telecom work and data center equipment failure can cause your site to go offline for an extended amount of time. This can be avoided if your web host has other connections torepparttar 105992 Internet that will reroute traffic that would have normally been carried onrepparttar 105993 failed circuit. Yes, this means your host must also have extra capacity on hand to handle normal traffic levels when one connection is lost; which is another area where a host can attempt to cut cost. This is much like when driving your car, there are several streets that you can take to get to your desired destination. Sometimes you will encounter construction or an accident that will require you to take an alternative street. Well,repparttar 105994 Internet worksrepparttar 105995 same way. There are several routes that traffic can take to a destination. Your host should be able to chooserepparttar 105996 cleanest, or most efficient, route to your web site visitor. In fact, your host should be able to continually tune these routes to findrepparttar 105997 best path to your visitors. Another way to achieve this is by minimizingrepparttar 105998 number of different networks traffic will pass through before reaching its destination. It is extremely important for your host to have direct connections to networks that have lots of eyeballs. In other words, your web site will be served better if your web host is using connections with networks that facilitate Internet access to large volumes of subscribers.

4. Doesrepparttar 105999 web host monitor its customersí sites twenty-four hours per day? How? There are a couple of factors that can influencerepparttar 106000 answer to this question. Doesrepparttar 106001 host own its own data center? If not, then they are physically removed from their servers and likely paying a co-location company to provide monitoring for them. When another company controlsrepparttar 106002 environmental systems that providerepparttar 106003 home forrepparttar 106004 host, one can argue that youíve created another potential point of failure; that beingrepparttar 106005 communication of an issue fromrepparttar 106006 data center torepparttar 106007 web host. That point of failure can increaserepparttar 106008 latency between an issue and its resolution, resulting in increased downtime for your web site. Second, if your web host has an issue with its own infrastructure, then there may be travel time associated with their engineers getting torepparttar 106009 data center to resolve it or, once again, increased latency by trying to remotely resolve an issue.

5. Doesrepparttar 106010 web host provide 24/7/365 toll free phone and email support? You might be surprised at how many web hosts donít provide 24/7/365 support. The industryís hosts runrepparttar 106011 gamut from only email support to providing phone and email support 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. The best way to eliminate not having support when you need it, is to choose a host that can assist you whenever you need it. When an idea wakes you from a slumber at 3 A.M., itís nice to have your host onrepparttar 106012 other end ofrepparttar 106013 phone to discuss it. When your site malfunctions due to a programming glitchrepparttar 106014 night before your store is to open, itís wonderful to have your web host onrepparttar 106015 phone to decipherrepparttar 106016 issue with you. When your cat accidentally deletes some important files, know that your host is there to help recover them. Also make sure that your host is providing support overrepparttar 106017 major holidays. Many web hosts will close their support center, decrease their support to only email, or send their support team home with a pager to be called in case of emergency. All of these decreases can create latency if your web site goes offline. And, holidays are often days which persons will spend time onrepparttar 106018 Internet after theyíve completed all of their social plans. Matter of fact, word-of-mouth business is one ofrepparttar 106019 most effective means to customer acquisition. When people get together, they exchange ideas.

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