Decorative Garden Accents

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Think of your garden like you would a room in your home. After planningrepparttar shape, tillingrepparttar 139150 soil, choosingrepparttar 139151 right plantsrepparttar 139152 last step is to add those personal touches. And just like indoors this is accomplished with accessories.

What type of accessories or accents you add will depend on what you like and what type of garden you’ve designed. For example in a formal type garden you probably would not add whimsical looking birdhouses or a regal looking statue would look out of place in a cottage style garden.

That being said, nothing is written in stone just as indoorsrepparttar 139153 garden should reflect your personality. Which simply means if you love something use it.

The following are examples of some ofrepparttar 139154 accents that can be used to dress up your gardens.

1)Gates: Whether they are part of an existing fencing system or just free standing, a gate will add an architectural detail. Wooden, iron, plain or whimsically decorated letrepparttar 139155 gate reflect your personality.

2)Gazing Globes: Beginning in Victorian times gardeners have tucked these decorative spheres into their gardens. Available in a wide array of colors and sizes ranging from 10 to 14in, place one on a pedestal and watch how suddenly things begin to look magical.

3)Decorative Planters: Terra Cotta, Stone, Metal or Resin – Plain, Colorful, Textured or a Whimsical piece. Placing decorative planters filled with beautiful flowers within your garden adds interest and a focal point.

These can be moved aroundrepparttar 139156 garden or replanted later inrepparttar 139157 season with new plants.

There are so many types of planters to choose from, just have some fun with them. Also, any container you happen to have whether it’s an old watering can or one lone rubber boot can be made into a decorative container as long as it has some type of drainage.

4)Statues: Choose from Cherubs, Religious Figures, Lions, Birds or Frogs. They can be large or small made of marble, stone or resin. Adding one or several give interest and whimsy to any size garden.

5)Furniture: Place a bench in or near a garden and it immediately says, “Sit, Relax and Enjoy”. Choose materials ranging from Cedar, Pine to Metal, buy something new or scrounge around your attic or basement for an older piece not being used anymore.

6)Birdbaths: A functional and decorative focal point. Most commonly seen birdbaths are shallow simple basins that sit on a pedestal, usually made of cement, porcelain or plastic. Mini versions are becoming popular for placing on patios and walkways.

Rock Gardens … A Different Kind of Garden

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Planting a Rock Garden is a great alternative torepparttar normal flower and vegetable garden.

Where Should This Garden Go:

Typically an ideal spot for a rock garden is on a slope or naturally terraced area with rock formations already in place.

However nature has not blessed every home with this perfect set up which means you will need to create an area from scratch using topsoil and rocks.

This can be done most anywhere you choose against a wall or fence, alongrepparttar 139149 house or back of a garage – this is where I had one of my rock gardens – having one within an existing garden would also look quite nice.

How Big Should It Be:

This decision of course is going to be entirely up to you taking into consideration how much time you have and how much space you have to work with.

You may have seen pictures in magazines of very elaborate looking rock gardens with waterfalls or streams running through them and paths made up of large flat rock for walking. However, small, simply designed gardens look just as good and inrepparttar 139150 long run for many of use will work out better.

This is especially true if you are making one from scratch, you need to considerrepparttar 139151 amount of time needed to build it andrepparttar 139152 cost factor as you’ll be needing topsoil, rocks and plants.

Rememberrepparttar 139153 old saying we all head growing up “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach” well it applies here as well, start small and build up over time.

I’ve had rock gardens at two different homes both had to be started from scratch and both started out small.

The first started small mainly because I’d never done one before, in fact it didn’t start out to be a rock garden at all. It started as a flower garden right behindrepparttar 139154 garage, butrepparttar 139155 discovery of some Hens & Chicks at a local nursery changed everything.

Which now leads torepparttar 139156 next section, plants.

What Plants To Use

This type of garden is a little different from what you may normally be accustomed to – large plants with brightly colored blooms.

Here you want plants that are relatively small, there are many low growing perennials available.

And don’t get to caught up in whetherrepparttar 139157 plants has flowers or not, what your looking for is something to enhance and complementrepparttar 139158 rock clusters you’ve put together.

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