Decorating with rocks, the beauty of rustic decor

Written by Joseph Lewitin

Rocks are dirty, crude, hard, and just plain nasty. But there is another side to rocks. They are also durable, beautiful, and come in a huge variety.

When a piece of stone is cut from a mountain, it is cut into a giant slab. This slab looks like a giant landscape. The stone can be any color that exists in nature, red, green, yellow, and these colors are streaked acrossrepparttar face ofrepparttar 100076 stone. When it is cut or broken down, each piece becomes a tiny unique item that can then be turned into any number of beautiful decorating items.

The most common stone household item are stone tables. Stone tables match stone and ceramic flooring. They are one of a kind, and beautiful. They can easily be set up indoors or outdoors, and they dont stain, because rocks dont stain.

How to Align Your Shafts

Written by Thomas Yoon

Inrepparttar last issue, we discuss about shaft seals and how liquid is prevented from coming out fromrepparttar 100075 pump housing even though repparttar 100076 shaft is rotating. Ezine Article

Some mechanical seals are made to very fine tolerances. Damage to mechanical seals and bearings can sometimes be cause byrepparttar 100077 misalignment of pump shaft withrepparttar 100078 motor shaft.

Whenever some ofrepparttar 100079 motors or driven machinery is dismantled or even whenrepparttar 100080 machines are not running smoothly, alignment has to be done.

The purpose of alignment is to ensure thatrepparttar 100081 centerline of repparttar 100082 motor rotor shaft coincides exactly withrepparttar 100083 centerline of repparttar 100084 driven machinery. Alignment is essential to ensure thatrepparttar 100085 machine runs smoothly with minimum vibration.

Providedrepparttar 100086 two shafts are not bent crooked,repparttar 100087 two alignments to be checked and adjusted are: Offset alignment and Angular alignment.

Most alignments are rough alignment that can be done using straight edge ruler and feeler gages. However for precision alignment,repparttar 100088 use of dial gauges with magnetic bases can be used.

Offset Alignment

The radial alignment is checked using a straight edge ruler. By placingrepparttar 100089 ruler acrossrepparttar 100090 coupling halves atrepparttar 100091 top, bottom and both sides any gaps betweenrepparttar 100092 2 coupling halves will indicate thatrepparttar 100093 shaft is offset slightly. The misalignment can be corrected by shiftingrepparttar 100094 motor or by putting shims to raise uprepparttar 100095 motor or driven machine.

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