Decorating with life - Creating a living home

Written by William Berg

Decorating with life - Creating a living home

In today’s hectic world it can be nice to create an oasis where you can relax and be sheltered fromrepparttar outside world. This can be created by using plants to create that calm more natural atmosphere. The feeling of serenity can be increased even more by adding other types of life to your decoration such as adding a tranquil aquarium which you can watch while relaxing. You should strive to create a home that is perfectly suited for you. There are however a few tips you might want to take to your heart while planning your new heaven.

If you haverepparttar 100449 luxury of choosing which room you should redecorate you should choose a room with a lot of windows, a warm colour is also preferable. This might seem strange seen you are trying to shelter yourself fromrepparttar 100450 world outside those windows for a minute or two. Howeverrepparttar 100451 benefits of getting light intorepparttar 100452 room both for yourself and forrepparttar 100453 plant you choose to use will more then compensate forrepparttar 100454 disturbance that might be caused fromrepparttar 100455 windows.

Once you have chosen which room to redecorate in order to create this sanctuary you should se which other things you want to keep in that room before you decide how to redecorate it. It might be things you need in that room to be able to relax. Perhaps you want to keep your TV inrepparttar 100456 room to allow you to get entertained while relaxing or perhaps you want to redecorate your study to be a calm undisturbed place and need to keep a few things to be able to work. Once you decided what you need to keep you should remove everything else fromrepparttar 100457 room.

Observe what free spaces you have got to fill. These spaces might be good places to but an aquarium or a terrarium if you want to keep both animals and plants inrepparttar 100458 room. Personally I think aquariums have a more calming effect then almost everything else you can keep in a room. If you decide to decorate using an aquarium you should read about how to manage an aquarium and then buy one that suits your needs. Which fish to choose is completely dependent on your personality some prefer calm fishes to relax while other prefers predatory fish to relax?

Building a Home Additon

Written by Mark J. Donovan

Besides providing your home with more living space, a home addition can be a terrific investment. However, before embarking on such a projectrepparttar homeowner should first consider several important items. These items include: home market values inrepparttar 100448 neighborhood, financing, size and scale of project, architecture, timetable for completion, personal disruption/inconvenience threshold andrepparttar 100449 sweat equity commitment level. Size of Addition and Market Value

Prior to actually breaking ground on a home addition, it is best to first determine what you are looking for in terms of additional living space. For example: How many square feet? What types of rooms? Once this is understood, it is then important to find outrepparttar 100450 market value of homes inrepparttar 100451 local area with similar size and features torepparttar 100452 new and improved home. With this informationrepparttar 100453 homeowner can then calculaterepparttar 100454 difference between their current home market value andrepparttar 100455 new and improved home market value. This difference should representrepparttar 100456 maximum budget forrepparttar 100457 new addition if a positive investment is desired. For example, a homeowner would not want to spend $50,000 on a new home addition that provides only $25,000 in increased market value torepparttar 100458 improved home.


The next important question involves how to fundrepparttar 100459 home addition. Unlessrepparttar 100460 project is being funded via cash/savings then financing will be required. If current mortgage rates are higher thanrepparttar 100461 existing mortgage, then a home equity loan will probably makerepparttar 100462 most sense. If current mortgage rates are lower thanrepparttar 100463 existing mortgage, then refinancingrepparttar 100464 entire home, includingrepparttar 100465 cost ofrepparttar 100466 home addition project, may makerepparttar 100467 most sense.

Architectural Considerations

Oncerepparttar 100468 financial items have been addressed it is then time to focus onrepparttar 100469 size and scale ofrepparttar 100470 project, as well asrepparttar 100471 architectural and aesthetics ofrepparttar 100472 new addition. The addition should be of size and scale such that it aesthetically melds intorepparttar 100473 original house. It should not be too small or too big. Frequently, homeowners get carried away and add large amounts of new living space without sufficient thought onrepparttar 100474 outside appearance. From a market value, there is more to a home than just pure living space. A home needs to maintain its exterior aesthetics as well. It is important to consider such items as siding, doors, windows, rooflines, and elevations. All should meld intorepparttar 100475 existing home exterior seamlessly and aesthetically.

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