Decorating with Table Fountains

Written by Johann Erickson

With unlimited possibilities available, table top fountains can add understated beauty or grandeur to any room in your house. Fountains are a worthy investment even for those who hesitate to spend money on aesthetics. Beyond eye-catching appeal, you'll find that fountains have practical health benefits.

Cascading water reduces stress by bringing a sense of tranquility into a room as it engagesrepparttar senses—sight, sound, and even smell. Research has shown that moving water can improve air quality by cleansingrepparttar 100109 room of dust particles and working as a humidifier. Fountains also dorepparttar 100110 following:

  • Table Top Fountains sootherepparttar 100111 soul with natural outdoor sounds.
  • Table Top Fountains offer a visually appealing focal point to a family room or home work space.
  • Table Top Fountains filter sounds like computer noise, a refrigerator hum, or next room telephone conversations.
  • Table Top Fountains provide aromatherapy when candlelight is included inrepparttar 100112 design.
Options include table fountains, floor fountains and wall water fountains. You can find a table top fountain to compliment your current decorative choices. Far more interesting than a table lamp and more appealing than a decorative candle holder, these conveniently sized fountains eliminaterepparttar 100113 mundane. Easy to set up and even easier to maintain, space saving compact designs come in layered slate, granite sculpture, handcrafted wood, or any other material you desire.


Written by John Rocco


Let's say you're tired of those old wood windows, and you decide it's time to upgrade to vinyl replacement windows. You get 2 or 3 contractors to come out and give you an estimate. After they leave, you can't believe windows can cost so much. I mean, having to get financing to replace your windows just doesn't seem right. Let me explain to you whyrepparttar windows are so expensive. You have to payrepparttar 100108 salary ofrepparttar 100109 salesman who comes over to give you your "free" estimate. Then, you have to payrepparttar 100110 salary ofrepparttar 100111 installers. Finally, you have to payrepparttar 100112 owner ofrepparttar 100113 company. In some cases there is a broker who acts as a middleman, and he or she gets a cut too. No wonder you need financing! Now, imagine if you already knew how to shop for windows, how to measure for new windows, how to removerepparttar 100114 old windows, and how to installrepparttar 100115 new windows. You just eliminated everybody exceptrepparttar 100116 owner. All of a sudden you can afford to replace your windows without taking out a loan! The next few articles are going to cover this process. This article is going to discussrepparttar 100117 proper way to measure for your double hung replacement windows.

It's important to properly measure for your windows. If you order them too small, you're going to end up having to improvise in order to get them to work. Even if you do get them to work, you're probably going to have problems. And if you order them too big, you're really in trouble. Chances are you will be ordering more windows. So, measuring is very important. Fortunately, it's also very simple. We are dealing with old double hung wood windows here, so if that doesn't apply to you, don't worry. Future articles will discuss other types of windows. Inrepparttar 100118 case ofrepparttar 100119 wood sash windows, you want to measurerepparttar 100120 width first, and height second. When you go shopping for windows, always giverepparttar 100121 dimensions as WIDTH X HEIGHT. To measure your width, you want to pull a tape measure fromrepparttar 100122 top right corner torepparttar 100123 top left corner. Measure in that 1 1/2" pocket thatrepparttar 100124 window frame slides in. Measure torepparttar 100125 sixteenth of an inch. Dorepparttar 100126 same thing at aboutrepparttar 100127 midway point,right above whererepparttar 100128 window locks. Then, raiserepparttar 100129 bottom sash and takerepparttar 100130 same measurement atrepparttar 100131 bottom. If you can't raiserepparttar 100132 window for whatever reason, go outside and measure from there. You will have to removerepparttar 100133 screen though.

The majority ofrepparttar 100134 time all three of those measurements will berepparttar 100135 same. If they're notrepparttar 100136 same, userepparttar 100137 SMALLEST measurement. Now subtract 1/4" from that measurement. This is your width forrepparttar 100138 new window. The height is a bit tricky. If your window sill outside slopes downward for water drainage, you have to make sure that you measure fromrepparttar 100139 HIGHEST Point ofrepparttar 100140 sill. You want to measure fromrepparttar 100141 top right corner torepparttar 100142 bottom right corner. Put your tape atrepparttar 100143 top whererepparttar 100144 upper sash closes. Ifrepparttar 100145 bottom has a 5/8" high inside wood sill piece to prevent water from coming inside, you need to raiserepparttar 100146 bottom sash and runrepparttar 100147 tape pastrepparttar 100148 5/8" sill and down torepparttar 100149 high point ofrepparttar 100150 sloped sill. Do this inrepparttar 100151 middle and onrepparttar 100152 left. Once again, takerepparttar 100153 smallest measurement, but this time deduct 3/16". This is your height. If you order your windows using these dimensions,they will fit right in, and leave just enough room to adjust if needed. The final step is to measurerepparttar 100154 depth ofrepparttar 100155 pocket where both sashes slide. By depth, i mean fromrepparttar 100156 point outside whererepparttar 100157 top sash rests againstrepparttar 100158 outside wood stop torepparttar 100159 point inside whererepparttar 100160 inside sash rests againstrepparttar 100161 inside stop. This measurement should be between 3 1/4"- 3 1/2". The reason you need to know this dimension is because not all replacement windows have a 3 1/4" depth frame. You want a replacement window that's going to fit right intorepparttar 100162 existing pocket ofrepparttar 100163 wood frame. If you purchase a window with a 2 5/8" frame depth, you're going to have approximately 3/4" to fill. That means buying new wood stops forrepparttar 100164 inside ofrepparttar 100165 house that are 3/4" wider thanrepparttar 100166 existing stops. Getrepparttar 100167 3 1/4" frames and save yourself a lot of extra work. Now, if you're on a really tight budget,repparttar 100168 lower grade windows will berepparttar 100169 2 5/8" frame, and you will have to getrepparttar 100170 wider trim. But that's something you should weigh in your mind, whetherrepparttar 100171 money saved onrepparttar 100172 lesser grade window is worthrepparttar 100173 extra expense and time of installing new stops aroundrepparttar 100174 inside of all your windows.

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