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How to Change a Flat Tire

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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How to Change a Flat Tire

By Stephen Bucaro

Few things are as inconvenient as getting a flat tire. It can make you late for an appointment, and when you do arrive, you are either frazzled or filthy fromrepparttar 100176 experience. If you don't know how to change a tire,repparttar 100177 experience is made much worse by having to wait for someone to come to your assistance.

Most women couldn't care less aboutrepparttar 100178 workings of a motor vehicle and how to change a tire. Unfortunately most modern men are as helpless in this respect as most women. I refer to men who can't change their own flat tire as, pardonrepparttar 100179 expression, "girly-boys".

In this article I will provide simple instructions to prepare you forrepparttar 100180 inevitable inconvenience of getting a flat tire. Anyone can easily change a tire, even a woman or a girly-boy. But first lets talk about how to avoid getting a flat tire inrepparttar 100181 first place.

One way to get a flat tire is when a nail or other sharp object penetrates your tire. Inrepparttar 100182 old days this would cause your tire to go flat within seconds. Today's modern steel belted radial tires usually just develop a slow leak when penetrated. Even if not penetrated by a sharp object, a tire will gradually lose its air pressure. The way to avoidrepparttar 100183 inconvenience of getting a flat tire is to check all your tires air pressure regularly.

Today's modern steel-belted radial tires bulge out atrepparttar 100184 side a little even when they have proper pressure, so you can't tell by just looking at them if they have proper pressure. You need to use a tire pressure gauge. Gauges come in two main types. One type has a rod that comes jetting out atrepparttar 100185 end. The other type has a dial. In either case you userepparttar 100186 gauge by removingrepparttar 100187 little plastic cap fromrepparttar 100188 tire's air valve and quickly pushingrepparttar 100189 valve end ofrepparttar 100190 gauge ontorepparttar 100191 tire valve.

You will get a little "hiss" when you do this. If you did it correctly,repparttar 100192 gauge will give an accurate indication ofrepparttar 100193 tires air pressure. Sometimes it takes a little practice to get an accurate reading. Comparerepparttar 100194 reading you get withrepparttar 100195 maximum psi (pounds per square inch) written onrepparttar 100196 sidewall ofrepparttar 100197 tire. Car tires usually have a maximum of 32 psi. Full size light truck tires can have a maximum of 80 psi.

Ifrepparttar 100198 air pressure is too low, there is a risk ofrepparttar 100199 tire breaking lose fromrepparttar 100200 wheel. This would cause dangerous rapid deflation ofrepparttar 100201 tire. When a car tire's pressure gets below about 24 psi you risk rapid deflation. Ifrepparttar 100202 pressure is too high, there is a risk ofrepparttar 100203 tread separating fromrepparttar 100204 steal belt. This can also cause rapid deflation, but usually it just gives you a very bumpy ride.

The way to avoid getting a flat tire is to checkrepparttar 100205 air pressure in all your tires regularly. By "regularly" I mean at least once each month. By "all your tires" I mean includingrepparttar 100206 spare. It is very common for a person to remove a flat from their vehicle just to learn that their spare is also flat.

If you find one of your tires has low pressure, you need to pump it up torepparttar 100207 proper value. Air pumps come in two main types. One type has a cord with a plug that goes into your cars cigarette lighter. The other type has a cord that plugs into an AC outlet.

The cigarette lighter type hasrepparttar 100208 advantage that you can carry it in your car and possibly re-inflate a flat tire atrepparttar 100209 side ofrepparttar 100210 road, savingrepparttar 100211 messy job of changingrepparttar 100212 tire for later. The disadvantage is that they work very slowly and can draw down a cars battery. The AC power cord type hasrepparttar 100213 advantage that it can fill tires more quickly, but it‘s rare to find an AC outlet atrepparttar 100214 side ofrepparttar 100215 road.

Possiblyrepparttar 100216 most important thing to know about tires, is what to do if you get a flat while speeding downrepparttar 100217 expressway. The most important thing NOT to do is slam onrepparttar 100218 breaks! This is a common cause of roll-overs. Just let your foot offrepparttar 100219 gas and look for a level area atrepparttar 100220 side ofrepparttar 100221 road to pull off.

People that don't know how to change a tire frequently keep driving onrepparttar 100222 flat tire, in search of a service station, untilrepparttar 100223 tire is totally shredded. Then instead of paying ten dollars to fix a flat, they have to pay a hundred dollars for a new tire. Fortunately after you userepparttar 100224 information in this article, you won't get caught in that situation.

To fix a flat tire you have to jack uprepparttar 100225 car and replacerepparttar 100226 flat tire with your spare tire. Unfortunately many people don't even know whererepparttar 100227 jack is, and some don't even know how to getrepparttar 100228 spare out. Don't wait until you're stranded byrepparttar 100229 side ofrepparttar 100230 road to start looking for your jack and figuring how to getrepparttar 100231 spare out.

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