Decorate for the Holidays

Written by Cyd Klein

Decorate forrepparttar Holidays -article by Cyd Klein

When decorating your home forrepparttar 116093 holidays, determinerepparttar 116094 theme and ambience you want to create for visitors to your home. Pull out allrepparttar 116095 seasonal decorations you already own. Is there a common color or theme that stands out? Is so, go with that color to build your theme. Some color combinations that go well together are:

Silver and any color Sage green and cranberry Gold and any color White on White White, blue, and silver Burgundy and gold

If you have a favorite color, consider going monochromatic by decorating with that color in varying shades and tones. An example would be pale blue to navy.

Are you a collector? Look for ways to pull your favorite items into your decorating theme. If you collect pottery or glassware, explore using various floral arrangements that incorporate poinsettias and decorative holly.

If you collect Santa’s, Snowman, or Snow Villages your well on your way to a holiday theme already. Rather than lump them altogether for a large impressive display, consider placing them throughout your home in groups of threes. Three always seems to give a small grouping that ‘completed’ look

If you are not a collector, all is not lost. You can createrepparttar 116096 ambience you are looking for by purchasing lots of inexpensive candles and followingrepparttar 116097 rule of three, distribute them through out your home.

Here's an idea; Wrap small boxes of different sizes in festive paper and stack up aroundrepparttar 116098 house in unexpected spots. But first, go to a craft store and buy a bag of inexpensive ‘jingle bells’. Before wrappingrepparttar 116099 boxes, place 1-2 jingles bells in each box. Just listening torepparttar 116100 little ones ‘secretly’ shakingrepparttar 116101 boxes aroundrepparttar 116102 house brings its own special holiday music to my ears.

Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories

Written by Colin Hartness

Wedding Photography: Preservingrepparttar Memories by Colin Hartness

A person’s wedding can be one ofrepparttar 116092 most important times in their life. They will have memories that they want to treasure forever and then pass on to their children. Wedding photography helps them do this. Having pictures taken atrepparttar 116093 wedding and then atrepparttar 116094 reception can capture those precious memories in freeze-frame and help you keep them forever.

Pictures are important so you want to be sure you get good photos, high quality photos that you can enjoy forever.

Most people will have a wedding book designed out ofrepparttar 116095 collection ofrepparttar 116096 best wedding photos. Usuallyrepparttar 116097 photographer will do this for you. You will then have a beautiful scrapbook from your wedding to hold your memories.

Choosing a photographer is a very important step in your wedding pictures. You want someone experienced that will do an excellent job for you. It’s possible that you may be on a budget and price may be a factor as well.

How Do You Choose a Wedding Photographer?

There are several things you are going to want to look for withrepparttar 116098 most important beingrepparttar 116099 quality ofrepparttar 116100 work. It would be great if you could find a photographer that you had seen in action, perhaps at a family member or friend’s wedding. The hardest part of choosing a wedding photographer is that you sign a contract and agree to pay before you have ever seenrepparttar 116101 photos. That’s how it works inrepparttar 116102 world of wedding photography; you must make your decision based of faith inrepparttar 116103 photographer. So how do you make a decision like this?


First, you are going to want to look at referrals. Ask your friends or family members who did their weddings and start compiling a list. You will also need to verify that these people are still photographing. Ask everyone you can about their wedding and their wedding pictures. Most people will even let you see their wedding photos and you can check outrepparttar 116104 photographer’s work.

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