Decision making techniques using spiritual tools

Written by Judi Singleton

Here are some steps I take to make decisions I have found a lot of ways to make decisions and look at things but this one works for me. First I must recogniserepparttar precise question. If you can formaulate a clear question like what isrepparttar 144273 issue here? But you must be clearer than that. Clarify and understandrepparttar 144274 issues envolved. Ask yourself why you have to make this decision. Separaterepparttar 144275 issues into first things to be worked on andrepparttar 144276 lesser issues. Check all your assumptions. What arerepparttar 144277 givens here. Remember that under each given has an assumption behind it. It is important to look at assumptions for they will get in your way later. Whatever we assume determinesrepparttar 144278 data you will look at.

Revelations,A Study.Section 5.

Written by Rev.Anthony Smith

Revelations,A Study.Section 5. Chapter 7:2 thru 7:8 The sealing ofrepparttar hundred and forty and four thousand of allrepparttar 144272 tribes ofrepparttar 144273 children of Israel. The first question we will look at isrepparttar 144274 word seal. Why and what isrepparttar 144275 meaning? Seal; Sphragis Sfrag-ece' Probably strengthened from G5420; A signet (as fencing in or protecting from misappropriation); by implicationrepparttar 144276 stamp impressed (as a mark of privacy, or genuineness), literally or figuratively. The Sealing ofrepparttar 144277 144,000 is representative or should we say paralell torepparttar 144278 mark ofrepparttar 144279 beast, only by God on His chosen. There are many simularieties between Satans Kingdom andrepparttar 144280 Kingdom of God. If you look close you will see The Trinity ofrepparttar 144281 Father, Son and Holy Ghost and in paraell you will see Satan, The Beast andrepparttar 144282 False prophet. You will also see when God seals His chosen from each tribe of Israel you will also see Satan marking His members. You may ask,”Does Satan really have a Kingdom?” The answer is yes, its scriptual. Do I also have proof of these things, yes, we will look at each as we progress into our study. The 144,000 are sealed Jews that will preachrepparttar 144283 Gospel to each tribe of Israel. [ref; Eze_47:13, Eze_48:19, Eze_48:31; Zec_9:1] Verse 7:1 is speaking of a plague about to be poured uponrepparttar 144284 earth. Each plague is real, there is no symbolism here. Rev 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing onrepparttar 144285 four corners ofrepparttar 144286 earth,[North,South,East and West.] holdingrepparttar 144287 four winds ofrepparttar 144288 earth, thatrepparttar 144289 wind should not blow onrepparttar 144290 earth, nor onrepparttar 144291 sea, nor on any tree. The wind is an extremely important factor in our ability to breath and controllsrepparttar 144292 rains. Rev 7:2 And I saw another angel ascending[comming up from] fromrepparttar 144293 east, havingrepparttar 144294 seal ofrepparttar 144295 living God:... [The mark ofrepparttar 144296 Most High, as per a king and his mark on official documents] ...and he cried with a loud voice torepparttar 144297 four angels, to whom it was given to hurtrepparttar 144298 earth andrepparttar 144299 sea, Now If you have noticed each angel that is mentioned has a specific position to fulfill and maintain. This isrepparttar 144300 pattern that Jesus has set down for His Church. [Ref; 1Co 12:5 And there are differences of administrations, butrepparttar 144301 same Lord.

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