Deciphering Marketing Lingo for Small Business Owners

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Maybe you've heard these different marketing terms, maybe you haven't. Either way, let me help to clarifyrepparttar difference between them, because you should have all three if you want to market successfully. And knowing what they are may be your first step to accomplishing all three for your business.

Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition, sometimes referred to as a USP, isrepparttar 146843 one thing that is unique and valuable about your business, product or service? And it must be unique and valuable to your prospects or ideal clients, not just to you.

It may be an inherent attribute of your product or service (it'srepparttar 146844 only blue widget available and blue isrepparttar 146845 color your ideal customers prefer) or it may be something you create. I createdrepparttar 146846 USP for my business, 10stepmarketing.

There are many marketing training programs and educational products available. But there were none I could find that taught small business owners how to create and implement their own marketing plan using a simple, step-by-step, question-and-answer method.

So I created my marketing training program (name and all) to fill this void inrepparttar 146847 marketplace. And it became my "created" USP. It didn't exist when I first started training 5 years ago — I created it and built my business around it.

Your USP is an idea or a concept. It is notrepparttar 146848 exact words you feature in your marketing. You will however use it to write and create your marketing messages.

Single Message

This is what you say about your business, product or service when you market. It isrepparttar 146849 one key idea or message you include in all of your marketing. It may be very closely related to your USP, but it may not be exactlyrepparttar 146850 same.

You will determine your single message AFTER you determine your USP. Additionally, look at your single message asrepparttar 146851 one thing you could tell your prospects to change their mindset about your product or service, from what they currently think to what you WANT them to think.

It is usually written inrepparttar 146852 form of a short statement or sentence. Its job is to take your prospects from what they think now to what you want them to think. Most likely you will NOT feature your single message in your marketing materials exactly as you have written it in your marketing plan.

Five Ways To Maximize Profit In Resale Rights Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

Product creation is usually one ofrepparttar first concerns of an internet marketer.

Conceptualizing a profitable idea and formulating a marketing plan to sell it is a relatively exhausting task.

Not everyone is gifted withrepparttar 146815 creative juices to come up with a cutting edge concept.

Fortunately, there’s resale rights marketing.

Many internet marketers actually sell their created products either because they have squeezed them dry of all possible earning potentials, or they feel that they’ll earn more by sellingrepparttar 146816 master rights torepparttar 146817 same.

This has pavedrepparttar 146818 way for resale rights marketing, which is an ingenious method of making profit out of others’ works.

Think of it first inrepparttar 146819 point of view ofrepparttar 146820 creator. He’d come up with an e-book that he feels is worth $60. But his sales would depend onrepparttar 146821 success of his marketing campaign.

What if he’d sellrepparttar 146822 master rights forrepparttar 146823 e-book instead to a hundred of his fellow marketers for $25 each? He’ll earn an instant $2500, which is a surer profit thanrepparttar 146824 uncertainties involved if he decides to market his e-book himself.

Now, let’s look at it inrepparttar 146825 point of view ofrepparttar 146826 resale rights marketer. He’d buyrepparttar 146827 master rights for $25.

Granted that he’d sharerepparttar 146828 same with 99 other people,repparttar 146829 internet has a population of 50 million surfers at any given time. Surelyrepparttar 146830 ratio does not convert to saturation of any target market.

Additionally,repparttar 146831 resale rights marketer can repackagerepparttar 146832 product in so many ways that would seem novel and distinct from how it was marketed originally, or howrepparttar 146833 other master rights holders would market it.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of resale rights.

First, we haverepparttar 146834 master resale rights that grant you, basically, every rightrepparttar 146835 owner has, or had.

Second, we haverepparttar 146836 limited resale rights, which carry with it certain conditions depending onrepparttar 146837 license.

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